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ATL Mega Producer IN-L Releases New EP 'Top Stories'


Mega Producer IN-L is famed as a multi-genre producer and beatmaker. A Miami native, now residing in ATL, where his music thrives in a hotbed of fused trap, southern Hip Hop, and progressive R&B. His new EP titled ‘Top Stories’ radiates that kaleidoscope of sounds and styles but also has an element of island finesse. With that being noted, IN-L’s 5-track EP is meant to get people on their feet and moving.

“I believe that I stand out because, I was born with an ear for music. I can arrange and create different genres of sounds that cross barriers.”

“Not a Criminal” sets off the EP with a futuristic backdrop blended with soulful melodies and smooth piano keys. This uncanny mix of sounds resonates with a sense of feeling intrigued. “Ha Queen” is for the ladies and delivered with the intent to get queens around the world on the dancefloor. With infectious, catchy vibes it’s hardly a difficult task. “Second To Son” exudes a cosmic flow with striking tones that drive the track. Rhyme schemes laced with wordplay tell a tale of not being a second choice. “People Need Thee” is an invigorating Electronica piece that will have bodies jubilantly vibrating from head to toe.

IN-L shows off his genius ability to capture an array of moods with a spectroscope intertwined with instruments and eclectic sounds. Stream ‘Top Stories’ the EP and connect with IN-L below.

 Connect with IN-L

Instagram: @producerinl

TikTok: @inlproducer

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