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Marion Julius - Devil Wins

The Voice Marion Julius Singer
 Releases New Song

She can be found at Spotify and Soundcloud there is also music videos of her songs at you tube channels. Her music is distributed at many music stores world wide such as iTunes and apple music. 

Her songs have been on radio stations, music channels such as ROKU TV, many music video promotions at many social media platforms. She has appeared in music magazines and also tv channels promoting her music. Marion writes her own songs and she has worked with many artist and musicians she has released many songs over the years here is a list of her songs.

Like it, Stage Play, Wanna Get To Know You, Your The Only One, Star Wars, The Way To Happiness Scientology, Devil Wins, At The Devils Door, Burn In Hell, Crowns And Thorns, Fallen  Angel, Imagine, Fly Butterfly, Drifting Away, Here And Now, In The Silence and she has also participated in song writing competitions. Her music videos have recently been promoted through MVK Music Video Kings a music video tv channel.

Marion's style of music is a mixture a combination of RNB, pop, rap, hip hop, dance, electronic, DJ remixes, experimental, jazz, heavy metal and rock. She started singing when she was younger at a performing arts school and has done singing and dancing on stage with dance schools. The talented Artist whose also had her music sent to and listened to by some music record labels.

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