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BARNYARD FLEXIN - Ron Killings aka WWE Superstar "R-Truth"

"Barnyard Flexin" is the latest single from Ron Killings
who has been a cultural fixture in music & entertainment
for over 2 decades.

Ron Killings a/k/a WWE Superstar R-Truth's "Barnyard Flexin" is one of the most anticipated Country/Rap songs/dances of the year! Get to the dance floor because this energetic, catchy, addictive melody, coupled with an undeniable bounce to get every party moving, is taking over the line dance/ soul line dance and “dance community” as a whole. Coupled with its own dance, “The Barnyard Flex”, Ron Killings brings the vibes with uniting different genres and styles of dancers in the official video.

So meet us on the Barnyard and get ready to flex!

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