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Tiffany Yates known as Pretti Onyx is born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Started singing at the age
of 4 , Pretti Onyx has always been a 
natural born star. She has been in the performance arts scene since Elementary school. Pretti Onyx had graduated from a performance arts school in Brooklyn, NY called Brooklyn H.S. Of the arts. 

Pretti Onyx has been writing music and in the studio since the age 15. But when she had gotten pregnant with her daughter all dreams had to come to halt to provide for her and her son who came a year later.

Pretti Onyx started back in the studio in 2017 when a friend of hers persuaded her that it was time to get back to what she loves. She put out her single completely done and also put out a music video which started back her music career. Since then Pretti Onyx had been non-stop working putting out Singles, EP (Diary of Heartbreaks) music videos and has been in magazines. She’s also been seen acting in some films (I Got Now, Honour Among Thieves, Witness for the defense, Bronx Unit, &Damaged Soul). She also has music in the series Bronx Unit and Wrong Place Wrong Time Doesn’t matter to us. 

Pretti Onyx now is now a mother of 3 (a daughter and two sons) She’s always staying busy, keeping herself 

relevantly and grinding hard for her children and career Pretti Onyx is working on a new project and is Dropping her single Work Out. Be on the lookout for New music videos and New Music.


1. You started singing from such a young age , can you describe what’s the best and least favorite part about being a singer is ?
The best part about being a singer is doing what I love to do and that’s singing. I love that I am now being recognized for my work and that people live my music. My least favorite part about being a singer is just now everyone is watching your every move so you can’t fumble. Of course it’s always people out there throwing negativity my way but no matter what I just gotta remain positive and focused.

2. Your pregnancy put a halt on your dreams , how did you manage motherhood and the singer inside you ?
I have a good support team now but Years ago when i was pregnant with my daughter and son (which they are a year apart) I felt that nobody took my passion serious until they started seeing the moves I was making.
So when I got pregnant with my last child (my youngest son) Who I needed to support me was there 100% so that’s why now  I am further in my singing career singing career which I want to thank them so much for helping me and continuing to push me to further my dreams. 

3. Once getting back to your passion You did films as well what’s one common thing you experienced well being a singer and an actor both?
I’ve always was into acting as well. I started acting when I was in junior high school. I participated in class plays such as Annie, The wiz, and Grease. So I believe Acting is just a natural thing for me. 

4. You're a complete artist what do you enjoy the most Singing or acting?
I enjoy both. I believe my acting and singing goes hand in hand and that’s why I was picked for a role I’m in now which is a series called  “I Got Now” directed by Rob Legacy. That series is so dope and I can’t wait for the series to drop. 

6. What are your top 3 favorite artists and how have they influenced you?
Mary J, Blige- I’ve been listening to Mary as a little girl and all of her music about her life experiences has touched me.
K.Michelle- Her voice is a mazing and is so powerfu You can feel what she is singing and how she wants whatever she is expressing to connect with her fans.Brandy- I’ve always wanted sing so angelic like heR.

Her music is so relatable and all generations love her songs. I’ve always said when I become famous I want all ages and gender to love my music just like Brandy. 

7. Tell us about your upcoming projects.
Well I have a  new single out right now called  Work Out and I will be putting out a video to this song . Also I’m working on a new EP that will be out next year and I can’t wait  for this project to drop.

8. What music are you pushing right now? Where can readers find you? 
I am pushing all of my music LOL. But Mostly my new single Work Out and Let Me Luv Yuh… All of my music is out on all streaming platformS. Check out my video Let Me Luv Yuh on Youtube… I’m on Instagram , Facebook , and I’m a fan now of TikTok so I’m on there also.

9. Any message to our readers and to your fans?
I really want to thank all of my fans for supporting me. You all had motivated and encouraged me to keep going by all the beautiful words you all send me everyday. I love you all. 

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