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Pretty Montana

Pretty Montana Exclusive Interview

1. How does it feel to see yourself on the cover of International Model Magazine? 
It feels like one of my many dreams fulfilled . I appreciate you guys much blessings to you. 

2.How were you discovered? And how long have you been modelling? 
I entered a contest back in 2016 for a Magazine feature. I was one of many girls selected and I network made some good ties and future bookings. I’ve been modeling 6/7 years. 

3. Was modelling something you always wanted to do or did it just kinda happen?
I honestly thought about modeling a few times growing up as I was always in fashion shows for kids clothing lines, however it wasn’t a major deal to me. Until it kinda just landed on my lap lol.

4. How did you experience the first job you did as a model?
My first initial paid booking was a power shoot the models seemed pretty nice the environment was cozy the staff were welcoming with good hospitality 
however my dress was stolen & some perfume . I was like oh wow y’all steal lol but a lesson for the future.

5. What’s the biggest misconception about thefemale modeling industry?
Well for starters we don’t all have sex to enter Magazines or Videos or Interviews Or Hosting etc. Most of us work hard are educated make good ties network and Invest in ourselves just to get to the top. That’s like the biggest misconception on women as a whole sleeping with someone just to be successful. No way we’re grinders. 

6. What’s your most memorable shoot?
My most memorable shoot hmmm.... I would say 50 Models Power Shoot with Sweets Magazine by Master Moo s/o ti him there were many 
Photography stations set up different beautiful women & we all had to catch the eye of the photographers. So I put a banana in my mouth and that was different lol I hate bananas.

7. Your dream modelling job? 
I would love to Model for Dapper Dan  a few clothing stores and also start my own modeling agency.

8. What have you learned from the modelling industry? 
Have personality it’s gonna get you far . Be yourself . Not every Model is hour friend . Always properly read through contracts and agreements. Do your research on anyone you work with .  Always keep your beauty on point . Workout keep fit . Be marketable at least interesting that people wanna book you. 

9. Tell us about your brand and business.
My brand and Business is Marie Pearl Lingerie named after my Mom and Grandma two amazing women who I miss dearly. I wrote it down in 2018 but didn’t move on it til 2020. It just made sense as I was already posing in lingerie why not make it my own . I wanted to make it unique with many styles bright and comfortable. Marie Pearl 

Lingerie Motto is “ Made For A Queen Alluring to a King “ . Our Mission is to make our Kingdom Confident Comfortable & Alluring ! We cater to all Women sizes XS to 4X all shapes and ethnics. I also decided to Add Kings Sleepwear with a few items ; Boxers,Robes, Slippers, and Beard Oil.  We have Bedroom Essentials as well ; bath bombs and candles . I also have an Event Business PM Events where I serve many events for the people . 

10. Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Well it’s working smarter not harder. 
Knocking down each goal. Working towards making my lingerie company a leading one.   

11. If you weren’t a model what would you be?
I would be me lol really I love public speaking so I would say a Public Speaker or 
Motivational Coach.

12. Your personal passion or hidden talents?
Well as I said I love speaking positivity and sometimes harsh reality I’m truly good at motivating people to greatness . I’m pretty much a Motivational coach now working towards becoming even better in time.

13. Who would you like to work with? And who’s your favorite photographer.
One day I would love to work with Forbes Magazine as being one of the many Wealthy women in business . Well I have a couple but I would love to work with Getty Images.

14. Do you have any beauty routine you stick to daily? 
Of course Yoga, Meditation 45 min sometimes hour workouts. Water & cranberry daily or every other. Face mask properly caring for my teeth reading vitamins andpraying.

15. Any message to our readers?

Yes follow my business on all Media Platforms @MariePearlLingerie Shop with us www.mariepearlingerie.com
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Also follow me

@prettymontana on all media platforms and @pmeventsnyc for all my upcoming events. Appreciate all my dope supporters riding with me.


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