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Iroq Jacara Exclusive Interview

Iroq Jacara 

Q. first of all, where are you from and how long you been doing music?
I am from THE TOWN, the east side of Buffalo, NY.  The homeland of the Buffalo Bills. I have been doing music on and off for a very long time now, even back in my college days and before than.  In 2015, I had started with TeamISB: L Biz, Corduroy Roy, and Ms Ross, shout out to them.  I got to create an album with them called the 5Ps still on all platforms and from their I have been doing my own thing. 

Q. Who inspired you to make music?  
I've always loved music, I barely watch TV I love to listen to music.  I will say my biggest inspiration to creating music is a few people, and I am not 

referring to celebrities, L Biz, Ada Tate, Mike XL and Alma Ave Writtens.  All of these individuals have played a major part in my music decisions and always inspired me to make music.  On a celebrity level it is Lil' Kim and before her MC Lyte and Smooth.  

Q. Tell us about your upcoming project.  
I have a upcoming project in the year 2022.  I am not exactly sure what month I will release it but this project is owed to myself and my supporters, for I have not released one since making music.  This will be a different side of me to be transparent on my life, to have some fun tracks and always always showing who I am.  I plan to have some dope producers and features on this project.  I will say that this project is long overdue. 

Q. What is your biggest  accomplishment as a music artist?
I will say my big accomplishment as a music artist is having industry driven producers supporting me and wanting to work with me.  It has been sometime since I have put out any music, and to have people patient on your talent is an accomplishment for me.  The biggest accomplishment is not giving up through all my 
challenges and still being able to showcase my talent.

Q. Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already?
I have so many artist that I would love to work with, but to name a few is Dreezy, Latto, Key Glock and Dolph.  Unsigned artist that I would love to work with is Brothamans, CTR Xann, Kalah Bishop, Quiway, Kins Franklin and others.  Those are just a few people I would love to have a song with.  Many I would have named I will have on my album next year.

Q. What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music?
I live and try not to hope, I no longer try but do so the things I will accomplish with my music is being well recognized for lyrics as a female artist.  I am also under ALYT Production and Dayzel the Machine as an artist, I will be their best female artist coming up underground and making sure they succeed as well through my talents because they are behind me and I have to show up and show out, wouldn't be IRoc if I don't.

Q. How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Song?
I listen to the beat, normally the beat gives me a vibe or strong topic.  Sometimes the melody in the beat give me words that can relate to the sound for me.  I also will take the producer name of the beat sometimes and make it the topic of the song if it fits the sound.

Q. Any message to your fans and to our readers?
Yes, I honestly do have something I will like to say.  If you have been listening to me since TeamISB and have not given up on me, I want to THANK YOU for your patience and understand that I owe this to you as well as myself.  To the readers please take the time to follow and support me if you are interested in getting to know me more.  I just want everyone that comes into contact with me to know we all are here to Learn, Grow and BE DOPE!! 

Q. Where our readers can find you online?
Please follow me on my

social media FB Jacara IRoc

Walker Page Iroc Literally

Bandcamp irocliterally.bandcamp.com

FACEBOOK IRoc Literally

INSTAGRAM IRoc Literally

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