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$in, the CEO and founder of Block Runner Muzik Group (BRMG) is focused on bolstering BRMG’s standing within the hip hop music industry. BRMG is looking to not only expand its imprint but develop the next generation of superstars.

With over a decade under his belt as a successful artist, label head, manager, and entrepreneur, $in has built an impressive legacy in hip hop and urban culture and remains one of the most sought-after music powerhouses in the Mid-West.

Block Runner Muzik Group is an independent operation that is positioned as a forced to be reckoned with. BRMG under the leadership of $in has recently released a successful number of songs this summer including Insecurities, Intro, Rags to Riches, and Pull Up and Park. All of which were successful on social media platforms apple music, and Spotify.

$in has solidified himself as both an artist and label exec and is now actively engaged in being the biggest label and create some of the biggest partnerships in music. With growth in mind, $in expresses that he sees his relationship with the artist on his label as mirroring a business partnership. He is laser focused on delivering not only his music, but his artist’s music to the masses. When searching for artist to add to the roster, $in states he is looks for raw talent, originality, authenticity, and ambition.  

To learn more about BRMG, please follow:

INSTAGRAM : @therealyungsin
YOUTUBE: youtube.com/BlockRunnerTv
visit the labels online home: blockrunnermuzikgroup.com 

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