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KingDarius TheGreat - Hoop Dreams ft Busta Rhymes

KingDarius TheGreat Drops a Posse Cut “Hoop Dreams” With Uncle Wahab, Pancho The Great & Busta Rhymes

In an ever changing industry in terms of how consumers come across new music, also comes a new wave of how artists collaborate with one another based on popularity within any given market nationally, and internationally with emphasis on streaming and online digital presence.

That being said, it’s not a far fetched idea that the guy who created the first viral song in music in KingDarius TheGreat, shares a “Digital Alliance” with a rapper from Kuwait named Uncle Wahab, another rapper from from Fort Worth Texas who goes by Moon Rock Panch and  legendary recording artist Busta Rhymes, on one record together titled HOOP DREAMS for a collaboration that only seems possible in today’s Digital Streaming Era. Having that understanding, this song actually has a few highlights from a listening standpoint as well, which is always refreshing in a very saturated industry.

Largely in part due to the road to riches Chorus written and passionately delivered by King Darius The Great, who yet again displayed his value, vision, and professionalism in terms of song direction. HOOP DREAMS captures the familiar story of, make it in sports or make it in music with the added twist of possibly losing your true self along the journey, or maintaining a high level of self respect while simultaneously living your dream and giving back to your respective community.

The Legend himself BUSTA RHYMES kicks off the 90’s type hip hop driven production, and blesses our ears with a verse we can all love and appreciate because afterall…… It’s BUSTA RHYMES! followed by a very stellar verse from Kuwait artist Uncle Wahab where he boasts about life living as Royalty overseas, then finished off by a heavily streaming new comer Moon Rock Panch who added finishing touches with his topic related hoop references.

All in All, what can be learned here is, the big pool of artists in this new digital era are not only working, but they are reaching out to one another if value is present and major artists are starting to get involved as well. Odd Collaborations can make for great music sometimes, and in this case, that’s exactly what took place here!

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