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Galo Shadez - Stress Free

Galo Shadez creates his own vibe with cool new summer jam ‘Stress Free’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Galo Shadez is an artist who never wants to be pigeonholed into one specific sound. In fact, he’s so strongly against the idea that he’s created a movement that he calls Create Your Own Vibe – or CYOV, for short – that encourages others to embrace diversity and explore any kind of artistic expression they want.  

That exploration of sound and style takes center stage on his latest single. “Stress Free” is a cool and upbeat summer jam that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or enjoying alone while chilling outside on a warm summer night. Inspired from a moment while living in Southern California, the song talks about living life on his own terms and staying away from any type of negativity as he focuses on pushing forward to achieve his goals. 

“Usually when I find a track that I like, the beat will paint a picture in my head or a scene will come up in my mind and I just write to create that scene,” Shadez said. “When I heard this track, all I could think about was a nice sunny day in Cali – sitting on the rooftop and hanging out and having some drinks and just having a good time. That was the scene I had in my head, and I just went with it.” 

Shadez said all of his songs are born from that kind of process. The music speaks to him, he said, and he lets the different feelings and vibes he gets from what he’s hearing to organically drive the journey. Based off that vibe he “sees a little trailer in my head, and that’s all I need to write the script.” This process also lends itself to exploring different sounds and styles from song to song – something he’s adamant about when it comes to his CYOV mantra. 

“A lot of times people have told me I had to pick one genre, but that never really sat well with me,” he said. “What if I make good EDM tracks and good hip-hop tracks? Why can’t I do both? I also like Pop music and other styles. I don’t want to be put in a box. That’s what differentiates me. I don’t just do one type of genre or the same-sounding songs. You can go through my track lists and not any song sounds alike. More than anything that’s what I want to be known for – an artist who was true to himself. I want the positivity and fun, as well, but more than anything I want people to hear my music and know that it’s real. I just do me … and I’m comfortable with doing me.” 

Shadez said he has more singles on the way over the next few weeks, including the new single “Your Attention,” which should drop sometime in the next month.

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