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TAIN - Escobars


Versatile rapper TAIN showcases raw skill with dope new video for hit single ‘Escobars’

HOUSTON, TX – Many people around the world would recognize the name Pablo Escobar. He’s often thought of as the most successful drug trafficker in the world. He made billions of dollars with the drugs he distributed, and to this day is one of the most infamous figures in all of history.  

Houston-based artist TAIN is on a similar mission of dominance, albeit in the world of music. His latest single “Escobars” is less an homage to the nefarious criminal and more a testament to the fact that he considers himself to be the dopest rapper in the game. In essence, he’s giving dope music out to the people of the world, and he hopes to one day be as successful at it as Pablo Escobar was with drugs. 

“I know I’m the dopest rapper out there,” he said. “With this song I’m rapping about how I’m dope without actually rapping about narcotics. It’s mostly about knowing my talent and how good I am, and wanting other people to finally recognize that.” 

TAIN said the song came to him while sitting in a room frustrated because of not being where he wanted to be in life musically. For him, it’s not just about the money but rather about giving people something they can relate to while also giving them good energy they can live on eternally, all while being the dopest artist doing it. He started thinking about how to do that with his music, and from those initial thoughts he created “Escobars.” The video for the single is a nod to that moment, as it takes viewers on a journey into his dream-like state. 

“It starts with me sitting in a room and falling asleep, and then a bunch of weird stuff starts going on,” he said of the video. “I’m in a movie theater watching myself in a dream-like state performing. It’s like I’m watching myself perform the song. It’s unique, which is what this song really displays – that versatility that I bring to the game. I know I sound distinctive, and I never want to mimic anybody or sound like anybody else out there.” 

TAIN said he’ll continue to demonstrate that versatility over the next month as he releases more singles that explore a variety of different sounds. No two songs sound the same, he said. All of them, however, are born from the personal issues he goes through and his point of view on real-life situations, or from which he just got vibes.  

“Sometimes if a beat is just hot, I might just create something that’s a vibe, but for the most part I’m writing about real-life situations,” he said. “More than anything I want people to hear my music and get a dope, positive message. A lot of my music has different feelings – heartbreak and pain and joy and all kinds of emotions. People can relate to it no matter who they are or where they live. You could be the brokest or the richest person on the planet and still relate to my music.” 

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Escobars – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSILn7dCWoQ

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