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Esly Juarez - Dazed Awake


Heavy hitter of hip-hop Esly Juarez drops hot new single ‘Dazed Awake’ 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Esly Juarez is a fresh-faced 21-year-old Bay Area rapper whose new single “Dazed Awake” is the perfect introduction to a unique sound and style that is turning heads in and out of the music industry all up and down the West Coast. The funky-sounding track has a spunky energy reminiscent of Redman, with a flow that takes over as you float on the rhythm. At some point the words just fall in sync with the beat and you just start bopping your head. You find yourself being caught by the wave of words, and next thing you know you’re swept away on a ride of such impressive music that you don’t want it to stop. 

The single is the first off a forthcoming album of the same name, which is slated to release on Aug. 15. It’s an album that will continue to introduce the world to this budding young artist. Across the project he talks about his life and invites listeners into a “righteous kind of mindset.” It’s a project that perfectly walks the line between funny and aggressive, with a mix of rhythmic vibes and clever choruses that are equal parts intriguing and entertaining.  

“It’s about self-determination and the conscious outlook of what you want in life and what you want to strive for,” he said. “It captures that vertigo feeling that you’re current present and you want to inspire pleasure from rhythm. It’s a vibe that’s coming to you, and then all the sudden you’re dropped right in the middle of it.” 

Esly said he first got into music as a child as he watched his father work as a program engineer for different radio stations. At a very young age he realized he could maintain himself as a rapper on the track, and he started getting the itch to be better and better – perfecting 16 lines, then 20 lines, then 20 lines on a different beat, ultimately working toward perfecting his flow and crafting an original sound that stands out from anyone else in the game right now. 

“I want to be respected in the world of hip-hop and seen as an artist who never gave up on his integrity,” Esly said. “This album is a lot more in the building stage of my career, but it’s also something that can be added upon. I’m trying different flows and seeing what people respond to. And along the way I feel like I’m falling into a nice little spot, even as I keep evolving. More than anything I’m trying to give listeners the person of who I am in the midst of exploring different sounds and styles.” 

Esly said “Dazed Awake” will be followed later this summer by a second single from the album called “Home Ugh-lone.” He also has videos planned for the single, which he hopes to drop before the official release of the album on Aug. 15.

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