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Akasha Rah - RIP Stalker

Healer and spiritualist offers emotional release through new single ‘RIP Stalker’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Akasha Rah is not just a musician or even just an artist – she’s a healer and spiritualist who uses multiple forms of artistic expression to offer soothing salves for the soul. She’s been described as a multi-dimensional lyricist, rapper, hypno-therapist, filmmaker, spiritualist, fashion designer, actor and entrepreneur, and her latest project “RIP Stalker” is yet another offering of health-laced entertainment that she said is sure to help anyone who has ever been a victim of unwanted overtures.  

“I had a personal life experience with a stalker and had to get a restraining order,” Akasha said. “I don’t know if she found on me on social media, but she kept harassing me. All of my music a little different, but this one captures my anger and emotions from that experience. I wanted to put it out there because everyone who listens to it can relate to it on a variety of levels. All my life experiences I turn into healing processes or teaching processes for other people. I never thought something like this happened in the world, let alone that it would happen to me. But a lot of people have reached out to me since hearing this song and said that they’ve had similar experiences. It was traumatizing and difficult, and as an artist I knew I had to express myself in some way or form to help others who have been through similar things.” 

Originally from South Russia, Akasha has lived in China and New York before settling in Los Angeles. Pulling from various artistic, cultural and life experiences, Akasha has developed her music style with a unique, hypnotic voice, flow and lyrics. More than that, she’s a conscious entrepreneur who owns several companies, including her trans-dimensional entertainment platform #NOBASICS. It’s a movement that aims to provide a non-basic approach to the world’s social and economic issues through various media outlets. She also has a nonprofit organization called “Temple of Akasha” that she formed for “the evolutions of human consciousness to empower the divine feminine, fight injustice and violence in the world, as well as to provide crisis relief.” 

“Once I found my voice, I started using it to speak up for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves,” she said. “It’s hard to express yourself when you go through traumatic experiences. Many people don’t realize how painful those experiences are, and they don’t know what it takes to overcome those situations. I just want to get my messages out. I don’t make music to be known for music. I make it to reach out to other people. I inspire people. I want to be known for inspiring people to make changes in their lives and for empowering people, especially other women.” 

In addition to her new single, Akasha also has a documentary coming out later this year that will chronicle her journey and showcase some of the healing techniques she offers.

To listen to Akasha Rah’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 



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