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Radio Personality ReddRoxx Releases New Book That Is Empowering Women And Helping to Unleash Their Inner Baddie


Radio Personality ReddRoxx Releases New Book That Is Empowering Women And Helping to Unleash Their Inner Baddie

Hailing out of Buffalo, New York, radio personality, event host, brand manager and author brings you her latest book, 10 Bad B*tch Commandments! Described as a modern approach to  women empowerment, ReddRoxx opens up about personal experiences and obstacles she’s overcome and invites readers to work on not only looking like a bad b*tch but to actually be one through a series of thought provoking activities centered around ten categories…Finances, Self-Care, Entrepreneurship, Education, Health, Motherhood, Mental Health, Spirituality, Relationships and Culinary which she has coined as the 10 Bad B*tch Commandments. 

ReddRoxx makes it clear that she’s no expert. In-fact, she doesn’t even consider herself a bad b*tch YET, because she’s still working on the very topics laid out in her book and that’s actually how the concept came along. She grew tired of people calling her baddie because of her outer appearance, while the inner workings of her life was in shambles. One day she became fed up and asked herself “what’s a Real bad b*tch”, she wrote it down and began to work on just that. 

Throughout ReddRoxx’s career in radio, she’s been an open book in order to help other women overcome the various difficult situations she has been faced with up to this point so she decided to also invite other women to take this journey with her. When asked what it means by this book being a “read, write, reflect, repeat” she stated, 

“This isn’t a one and done workbook nor a how-to-book. It’s a guide to help you sort things out when encountering the same situations in various life stages. That’s why I say use a pencil! I’m even including one (while supplies last) because it’s just that serious. lol”

In addition to the book’s activates, ReddRoxx is planning to commence “The Bad B*tch Academy”,  a series of 10 Virtual Seminars that will focus on each section of the book. Each seminar will not only partner with an organization related to the topic, but will also have special influential guest speakers that are considered experts in said topics as well.

Get ready to dig deep and face your own shortcomings, break generational cycles and be the absolute baddest b*tch you can be, everyday in every way! Order ReddRoxx’s new book, 10 Bad B*tch Commandments now at www.reddrox.com/book and begin to do the inner work that’s needed to be a REAL BAD B*TCH. You can follow and support ReddRoxx’s movement @radioreddroxx on all social media platforms. 

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