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“Belly dancer” by Gabby B.

 "Belly Dancer” 

By Gabby B.  produced by Mr. Hit Record 

Article written by Naomi G. 

If you've been following Gabby B., then you know that this Brazilian Barbie has been working hard behind the scenes alongside Mr. Hit Record, preparing for the highly anticipated release of “Belly Dancer”.  Released on June 11, 2021, "Belly Dancer” has already exceeded 300k views and still climbing!

Her last single “Merry Go Round”, which also featured and was produced by Mr. Hit Record, created a huge buzz with streams hitting well over 215K in a matter of weeks of it’s release. This caught the attention of various labels in the industry. After careful consideration, Gabby B. and her team partnered up with Sony Orchard, making “Belly Dancer” her first single to be distributed by the industry's powerhouse Orchard. 

Although Gabby B. does not consider herself to be a professional Belly Dancer, this song pays homage to the Art of Belly Dancing. Thanks to the Choreography and casting of Ali Samadhi, and Emily Iris, the art of Belly Dancing is brought to life in a beautiful, respectful, yet seductive manner. The costumes, which included custom made bra’s by Gabby B.’s own mother, are Amazing! They accentuated the dancers nicely, and helped tie in the whole imagery together making this video that more appealing. Global Filmz out of South Florida did an amazing job filming and helping this whole idea come to life.

The collaboration between Gabby B. and Mr. Hit Record has proved once again that these two definitely belong in the Music Industry for the long haul. The concept for this idea had been on Mr. Hit Record’s mind for quite sometime, but he was waiting for the right artist. While working on "Merry Go Round",  Mr. Hit Record got into a Middle Eastern and Bollywood vibe and started mixing Pop, Brazilian Funk, Caribbean, and many other different types of music together. This song was originally going to be a Reggaetón track, but then turned it into what is now known as "Belly Dancer". 

After many phone calls, writing, and recording sessions, his creation then became Gabby B.'s own song, becoming what she wanted to portray to the world, which  was showing her Gratitude and Love for the culture. She also wanted to give her fans something they already expected from her thanks to her viral Tik Tok videos, and allowing them to feel the elements of it all. Each aspect of this song was "analytical, and intentional but still managed to come out organically" according to Mr. Hit Record

Be sure to check out this Hot track on your favorite Music Streaming Platform! Hit the links to stay up to date with all things Gabby B. and Mr. Hit Record because there is more to come from both of them! So stay tuned! 




Much Love and Respect, 

Naomi G.

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