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"Botellas De Remy” By Iridio

"Botellas de Remy"
by Iridio 
Written by: Naomi G
Contributing Writer: Janay Saxon

Iridio, formerly known as Hypen, is a Latin Rapper from Bridgeport, Connecticut. With a deep passion for writing, his insightful lyrics and unique style, Iridio has been able to create a buzz throughout his city and state. Significantly influenced by hard times and personal traumatic life experiences, he has been able to use his music to escape from the harsh realities of life.

 His greatest musical influences are  Big Pun, Jay Z., the late Biggie Smalls, and Don Omar, all of which Iridio gets his inspiration from. With a new team, new management, new music being created, and much needed rebranding, Iridio is ready to take over the Latin Rap scene, and to gain a spot in the Mainstream Music World.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                       Contributed by: Janay Saxon


When it comes to Reggaetón, we have Bad Bunny, J. Balvin, & Daddy Yankee to name a few… And then we have Iridio, formally known as Hyphen from Bridgeport, CT hitting the Music Scene hard with the re-introduction of his Single “Botellas de Remy”.  

Iridio has been working hard revamping his whole brand, focusing on creating a whole new empire, and eventually signing new talents.  

From the first drop of the beat to the very end, this track is filled with the hyped up energy and lyrical flow that comes with the Reggaetón Genre that we love so much! His delivery and cadence makes you want more, making this a definite Club Banger!

The production from Mojo Beats & Gentry Beats was nothing short from FIRE!!! Everything blended and transitioned well. All the levels are even, allowing Iridio’s flow to go smoothly with the different facets of this track.

Botellas de Remy” dropped June 10, 2021, and distributed with Universal Music Group’s Distribution Company, Spinnup. “ Botellas de Remy” will be the first song to be released under his new Independent Label “Hypen Music Group”.  Be sure to hit it up on your Favorite Music Streaming Platforms!

Much Love & Respect, 

Naomi G.

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