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Gabriel B 18 - Stop The Hate

“Stop The Hate” Says Gabriel B 18, The New King Of Pop 

Gabriel B 18 may be a kid, but he’s destined to be the king. Follow him on TikTok and you’ll see scores of fans proclaiming him “the new king of pop.” The 7 year-old-superstar kicks, flips, and twirls with the regalia of an established veteran. “Basically the story is that my mom told me that I can sing music,” said Gabriel B 18.  “Me and my dad [and manager, Machoudi Badarou] write music together. Michael Jackson is my favorite artist.”  

To enhance his platform, Gabriel B 18 remains active on TikTok. Unfazed by the coronavirus pandemic, Gabriel B 18 continued to perform. “I don't even worry about that because we’re far away from people,” said Gabirle. “When I'm on stage, I think about the mind and the stage. I'm going to get somewhere this year. I know I’m going to get somewhere.” 

Gabriel B 18’s latest EP Stop The Hate ushers in the new king’s reign. The track “It’s So Hard To Be A Kid” rightly positions itself as a pop anthem for Generation Alpha. “You gotta do homework, you don't have your own life when you’re a kid,” said Gabriel B 18. “You don't have your own stuff. You don't have your own phone, you don't have permission to go outside and buy whatever you want. But, at least you don't have to pay rent. And then, I am the young king.”  

Gabriel B 18 filmed a music video for Stop The Hate’s title track. The video sees Gabriel B 18 donning sparkling red in a word of black-and-white. “Stop The Hate'' implores empathy, compassion, and understanding in the modern world. “There’s a lot of hate spreading,” declared Gabriel. “We need to spread more love.”  Stop The Hate includes a cover of SameCooke’s 1964 protest hit “A Change Is Gonna Come.” “When I heard it, I liked it,” said Gabriel. My Dad played it for me. We made a remix of it because we all know that a change will come. That means there's going to be more good stuff than bad stuff.”  

From atop his throne, Gabriel B 18 looks into the future. When he looks into the unknown, he sees fortune and glory. “I want to talk about me winning a Grammy,” he laughed. “Because when I do. my Dad will be so proud of me.” Gabriel continued, “I want to be the best artist I can be, the best everything. I want to be in love. I want to help the earth and the animals. I want to help the homeless people. Everybody, I guess.” 

Gabriel B 18 said he was pushing forward to make many more videos this year. He intends to perform live shows in the immediate future. To his fans, he said, “I love you all. I hope you have a great day and a great year. I’m out here making great music.”  

Stream the music video for Gabriel B 18’s “Stop The Hate” and follow him on all social media channels below.  











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