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Yokouno - Mhm Rewind


Emotion-filled music takes center stage from fast-rising young artist Yokouno 

ATLATNA, GA – Everybody is familiar with the sound you make when you agree with something. It sounds like “mhm.” When you agree just a little bit you might make the noise quietly. When you agree a lot you would make it aggressively. And when you agree with something so much that you want to leave no doubt, you repeat the sound three times over. That’s the kind of energy Atlanta-based artist Yokouno is trying to build with his music, and it’s the reason he kick-started the hashtag #mhm3x. It’s a tag that has gone viral on a couple of social media outlets over the past year, and it’s also the tag that servs as the title of his latest hit single. 

“#mhm3x Rewind” is the new single from Yokouno, and it’s currently available across all streaming platforms. Inspired by the viral hashtag he created, it’s a song that represents the sensation he’s creating around the world – a sensation that has an ever-widening fanbase clamoring for more. 

“When it comes on it’s like I want you to rewind my hashtag and just experience the fun over and over again,” Yokouno said. “It’s the idea that you love something so much that you want to keep doing it. It’s an upbeat and fun song that people will really like.” 

The single is just the latest from a string of hits from this artist who turned to music after a football injury derailed his dreams of playing professionally. To get through the times of mourning that came after having to walk away from his first love of sports, he turned to music. He’d listen to music all day long – artists like Kid Cutty and Travis Scott and Wiz Khalifa. Music was a blessing to him, he said, and the emotions that he was feeling were reverberated back to him through the songs he’d listen to. Today, he hopes to create music that has the same healing effect for others as it did for him. 

“I want my music to represent good spirit and emotion,” he said. “That’s why I make such a wide variety of music. I make slow and fast and everything in between. I want to be the artist that everybody listens to for every emotion. I think of myself as an alternate artist, meaning there aren’t many similarities to what’s out in the industry today. I’m trying to make my own trends. When the other industry trends and fads are over with, I’ll still be there with my own vibe.” 

Yokouno said he’s preparing to follow up “#mhm3x Rewind” with another single called “Hatchet Burial.” That song, which is slated to drop in the next few weeks, is more of a “pain song,” Yokouno said, and encourages people to learn how to forgive and to walk away from the bitterness they might be clinging to associated with old wounds.  

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