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KG Kriid - Smokin'

KG Kriid offers chill vibe for stress-filled audiences worldwide with new single ‘Smokin’ 

MANSFIELD, OH – In Damarias Fuller’s, “Kriid” is a word that’s often on the tip of his lips. It’s a word his brother made up as a synonym for the moments in life when something is great. If he were to see some flowers on the side of the road, or if he was having a great day, they would be “Kriid” flowers or he’d be having a “Kriid” day. It’s a word that represents a way of life, and anyone who comes alongside him and embraces that way of life is part of his Kriid Gang. 

His music is the through-point of the Kriid Gang, and he inspires people all over the world with new sounds and styles born from a life of making music. His latest single, “Smokin’,” is a straight vibe ready-made to help people relieve stress and let loose at the end of a tough day. 

“If you’re going through some stress or your stressed, just roll up and smoke your stress away,” KG Kriid said. “It’s like a spiritual song for people who stress out and go through hard times. It’s a song that just says, ‘Sit back and take a breather and relax and think about stuff.’ Inhale and exhale.” 

The chill vibe of the song features some melodic undertones that serve as a perfect foundation for his equally chill vocals. It’s just the most recent example of how diverse he is as an artist. Over the course of his young career he’s shown the world how he can sing, rap, play the piano, mix and master, produce, compose, write, engineer, and just about anything else that one might associate with a career in the music industry. Chris Brown is his No. 1 inspiration, and he said he hopes to emulate the R&B legend’s career by creating songs that showcase his own “crazy vocals.”  

“I make positive, chill music,” he said. “I make music to help people to feel and understand there are other people going through the same things they’re going through. With my music, I can change others hopefully. Music is my everything, and I know how it can help others, too.” 

Following “Smokin’,” KG Kriid said he’s already hard at work on an album called “Pain, which he expect to release later this year. He also recently released a video for “Smokin’,” which features fellow artist and his older brother, Tae Da Khid. KG Kriid has a feature on Tae Da Khid’s single “God’s Child,” as well. 

To listen to KG Kriid’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 






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