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Sauce Wood Speaks About New Found Success With The Sauce Familia

Written by: Julz Mancini

After being incarcerated for 9 years, Sauce Wood came home adamant about removing himself from the revolving door of imprisonment. With his love for music, he strived to pursue his passion as a career. Like many artists, he knew he had star quality but did not know where to turn. As he began on his music journey he had his run ins with “teams” whom lacked knowledge, organization, and the push he needed. Knowing Sauce Walka since childhood, Woods remained in contact with him. 

Soon after settling in, Sauce Walka reached out to Wood eventually recruiting him to TSF (The Sauce Familia). It was during this time, Wood began to learn about the importance of marketing, algorithms, engagement, and the business aspect of the music industry. Wood soon found himself immersed in confidence; dressing better and more focused than ever. During my conversation with Sauce Wood he stated, “It doesn’t matter your situation. Sauce will pull you in if he sees your worth.”

With the blueprint and opportunities Sauce Wood has been presented with, he is able to live comfortably off of his music while taking care of his family. It became very clear during the interview that Sauce Walka and the entire TSF team are a family, breaking bread together. Sauce Wood was happy to share that he has a contract that ensures a 50/50 split digitally and keeps 100% profit from shows and features. This is unheard of in today’s industry, making Sauce Walka and TSF a prodigy in the business. Sauce Wood mentioned, “Sauce Walka makes sacrifices for his team. I love him. If you’re the chosen one around him, you’ll feel the love too.” 

Create Music Group has also been a game changer for, not only Wood, but TSF as a whole. This company has assisted Houston artists with standing in the forefront within the digital world. They are literally revolutionizing the music industry. Create Music Group guides the independent artists and labels every step of the way offering distribution, publishing, sync licensing, digital rights management, A&R and marketing, and recording services. This is basically a one stop shop for everything music related. 

Sauce Walka and The Sauce Familia Record Label are changing the lives of young, talented, and innovative artists such as Sauce Wood. Becoming part of the family gave Sauce Wood the breakthrough he needed. Sauce Wood says, “The Sauce has the secret.”

It is apparent that Sauce Wood is on the brink of stardom along with the entire Sauce family. It is rare to come across an independent label with a plethora of artists who coordinate and collaborate so naturally and effortlessly. They are certainly paving the way for other creatives. Be sure to follow them on social media! 




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