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"Merry Go Round" By Gabby B. ft Mr. Hit Record

 "Merry Go Round"

Gabby B. ft Mr. Hit Record

A little over week out and already surpassing over 40,000 streams on Spotify!!! And there’s a dance challenge to the song too!!! What am I talking about?

"Merry Go Round" By Gabby B!! Have you heard it yet?

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that we will be hearing this HEAT for a long time to come!

Gabby B, from Miami, and Mr. Hit Record, who is currently in Connecticut, met in February thru Janay Saxon, who also co-wrote the song. Within this collaboration, "Merry Go Round" was born kicking and screaming, making its debut to the world on March 19, 2021.

Within just a week of its Premiere, "Merry Go Round" has hit over 40k streams on Spotify alone! With a remix in the works, I anticipate for the momentum to continue to grow strong.

The trendsetting 20 year old Gabby B, has an English, Portuguese, and French background, making her full of diversity and surprises. Not only is she a singer, but she is also a performer, with her Choreography based on her Brazilian roots, she has clearly made a name for herself in this Industry. She has also been nicknamed the "Brazilian Barbie" due to her life size Barbie Persona, and her Love for Barbie herself!   

 Joseph Lopez, aka Mr. Hit Record, has been a part of the Music scene for a long time and is currently living in Connecticut. When he isn’t home working in his own personal studio, Hit Central Station, he's working sound for all of us at ESPN. He knows the music business well, and doesn’t just send you a beat and ask you what you think. He is one of the few who takes his time, and comes up with the perfect beat for your concept together with you. 

Janay Saxon, also from Connecticut, was the one who linked Gabby B, and Mr. Hit Record together to create this Fire of a song for our listening and dancing pleasure! Janay is a singer and songwriter with an extensive background in the music industry as well! She is not to be over looked in the Industry!!

If these names were unfamiliar to you until now, stay tuned because they have way more HEAT coming your way! Be sure to follow Gabby B. and her Tribe, Mr. Hit Record, and Janay Saxon on all Social Media Platforms. And don't forget to join in on the Merry Go Round Dance Challenge on TikTok with Gabby B!

Much Love & Respect, Naomi G.




Gabby B.

Gabby B. & Mr. Hit Record

Janay Saxon

Mr. Hit Record

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