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Marcus Lane - Going on a Date

Marcus Lane redefines Hip Hop with an uncanny sound on new singles ‘Going on a Date’ and ‘Business Body’ 

Marcus Lane can only be described as an uncanny artist. He puts himself into a seat of professionalism and takes all of the lessons he’s learned from the legends of Hip Hop and then creates his own original sound and vibe for something that is equal parts nostalgic and fresh. His latest single, “Going on a Date” is the perfect example of how Lane offers an old-school feel with a new-school vibe. “Going on a Date” offers a transcendent, melodic sound that will intrigue the listener but is ready made for the ladies. 

“It’s one of those songs that let women know how they can make themselves perfect,” Lane said. “It’s about helping them to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. I always have my way with the women. I always charm my way into their hearts, and guys want to be like me because my style and mannerisms are so hypnotic and effortless. It just comes out naturally. Every time I write music, that’s what it is, and this song is no different. 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Going on a Date” is the perfect example of how Lane makes music that’s vibrant on different levels – whether it’s Trap or pure Hip Hop or any other genre. He said he’s going to fill that gap in music that mixes different genres and creates a style that hasn’t yet been identified. That’s why he considers himself to be an uncanny artist – he’s bringing a vibrant vibe on different levels with vocals and melodies that creep into your soul and will be memorable for years to come.  

“My mentality is optimistic and my sound is Tone Rap Natural Melodic that creeps into your mind,” he said. “Sometimes, I will be in an adlib and vocal stacking adlibs that pan from one ear and out the other. It creates a mood – but my music is evolving around the street, glamour, sex and jewels. My music is an enraptured delight that will turn you on when you listen to it “make you feel me”.  

In addition to “Going on a Date,” Lane also has recently released the song “Business Body” which showcases yet another facet of his talented sound and style. As with “Going on a Date,” “Business Body” is a song intended for the ladies. He said it’s a song aimed at women who understand they can use their bodies for their advantage. “It’s like a motto for women”, he said. “Women who understand that their bodies can be used as tools to get what they want.” 

Lane said he’ll follow these singles up with more music and will be dropping a mixtape later this year.  

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“Business Body” 


“Going on a Date”

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