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YoungKingbd - Off-White


Young King with Big Dreams drops energy-filled new single ‘Off-White’ 

Young King with Big Dreams, also known as Youngkingbd, is an East Coast artist who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. As a kid growing up in Nigeria, Young King was constantly reminded of how talented he was musically by his friends. They would call him the King, and when he came to America at age 14, he fully embraced that moniker and began pursuing a life of music.  

Today, this fast-rising young talent is making a name for himself in the industry with hits like “Antidote” and “Rainstorm,” and he’s about to take his career to the next level with his new hit single “Off-White.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Off-White” is a perfect display of this young man’s talent. Opening with a piano intro that sets a light, airy tone throughout the song, Young King soon drops a bouncy beat that lays the perfect foundation for his swaggy flow. The piano melody gives the song a lightness that serves as a perfect companion for the catchy hooks and fun flow.  

“I wanted to capture the different vibes and energy around me at the time of making the song,” Young King said. “I also wanted some catchy parts in the song and I wanted to talk about my lifestyle at the moment, highlighting the things I was doing now compared to how I was before. I put all the different artistic parts of me into one song and then focused the main part on the Melodic Rap. Ultimately, I wanted to showcase the artistic part of me.” 

Young King is one of those rare artists who can literally adjust to any type of beat. He’s been known to hop on Drill music, Rap, R&B, Trap, melodies … anything and everything you can think of. And of course, being originally from Nigeria, he sometimes taps into Afrobeats. More than anything, he likes to meld those genres together to try to find original sounds and styles that are different from anything else out there. And through that work, he has developed his own record label, Music Oven The Label. He’s been able to collaborate with people like Dr. Jay and Al Mojo, and he’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about artists on the East Coast.  

“I just want my music to showcase success,” he said. “How do you level up? That’s the energy of ‘Off-White.’ When you listen, what are you vibing with? I want people to get the energy of being lit. You’re rocking better drips, or you’ve got a nice car, or you’ve got a bad bitch – that’s the energy I want people to get from this.” 

In addition to “Off-White,” Young King has a couple of music videos about to release, and said he’s planning on releasing more music later this year.  


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