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MarqDre intro

marquis que norton aka
MarqDre, originally from Miami, FL lea sotrgin after Hip Hop artist, actor, model, and His work ethic, lyrical genius, MUSIC' set him apart from the typical artist, flpt sounds. clean music, and trendsetting limits are off as his star continues to rise, from opening for Diggy Simmons to A,ShatittN, the sat e stages with 2 Chains, Mindless Behavior and more.

marquis already expanding his multi-genre Music
collaborations and work ,a variety of producers. He looking forward to a promising career in film and television. He is the perfect artist for any youth rally, concert, collage campus, tour and more. Guided and mentored by industry execs to be unique, insatiable, and to never accept the staus quo. the world is his next conquest.

marqdre's news single "pull up on you" which is available on all streaming platforms under the single distribution deal with lse/edmg an
independent record label through the orchard/sony music. Along with his new single out, he has more music such as " Jump" and "Late Night" which can be found on soundcloud. He will also be starting in an up & coming new TV show called "This is our country" as a youth mentor/host. With a strong will and determination, marqdre is on a quest to fulfill his dreams of becoming an international and world rap icon.


Marquis Que Norton


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