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ken Baines

My name is ken Baines from tampa fl born June 1st 1988. I get my rap name from my original name just
shortened. Yeah I was always myself neva felt the need to be some one else so I stuck with what I was born with Ken Baines ya digg!!!
I was born in west Tampa Florida. A lil hood like Any typical low income area ya digg. Shit most of my child hood was with no lights and Shit with a lot of roaches as my bed and my dinner table shit was real rough for the boy. Plus I im the oldest of 4 immediate brothers and sister. But in all it’s 9
including me. So yeah you can imagine how that shit was. Mom was strung out on dope so many days I had to get us some food some how!! So I literally taught my brothers how to make a living real quick well at least a way to always get something to eat. Pops was in my life but not as a father figure but as a provider. Meaning he would get us whateva we needed but lesson in life we was on our own.

I actually graduated high school and went to the marine corps for 4 years as a warehouse clerk. There when I actually somewhat took the music more serious as far as making it and letting all my friends and there friends listen to it. There in the marine is really wen I started to make a name for myself in the rap scene. I can remember one time I was getting chewed out by one of my
sergeants and I dude
interrupted out of nowhere to say “Ayy you ken Baines dome YouTube boy you be snapping” and my sergeants was so impressed
snapping” and my sergeants was so impressed he actually forgot he was yelling at a nigga lol. Sorry I went off a lil but that was one of the moments I knew I was doing something ppl like other than myself.
I started rapping prolly around 6 or 7 years old. Didn’t realise I was good until I got in high school and I use to rap in a cypher and thy would love a nigga. Then I still didn’t take it full force until around 08 when I joined the United States marine corps. Almost landing a deal won’t say who cause it’s quit embarrassing but that made me notice I was soooped up(Real Good) on the mic.
Listening to the radio really what made me start rapping, I was memorised by the rhyme schemes and patterns so that drew me in real quick. Wrote my first rap on paper in 6 grade called “Watch this” lol shit funny now I think of it. So 15 years I been rapping half of my life damn near.

Coming up from my era it wasn’t no instagram and none of that shit so you had to grind and be somebody as well as know your way with words to be known as a rapper.
Getting my music out Shit I’m still learning that part to be honest but shit I’m more
focused on management now. Got my own record label Gutta Street Gang Ent LLC. (GSG) Founded by my cousin and nem but I adopted the name and made it marketable and a actual company.

I’m different from other rappers because I just think i sound different as far as voice wise and I give ppl vibes to bring the best out of them in the studio So I’ve been told.Because my process different as far as recording especially features I try to find another instrument in the beat that’s rarely noticeable and form my structure around that instead of the norm. I actually rap what I’ve
personally done or personally seen. Or in some rare cases something I’m going to do in the near future. So yeah my vibe
different period.

Ken Baines

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