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Celiane The Voice

In these days of auto-tuned “vocalists,” Celiane the Voice is a breath of fresh air.
She’s a versatile singer with a wide range of abilities – call her interests
kaleidoscopic –  in multiple styles of music.
In fact, a new term had to be coined to describe Celiane’s personal style: Electronica Hip Hopera. It’s a mix of Electronica, hip hop beat, operatic elements; it draws from R&B, experimental
electronica  and pop.Her new single, “Why Can’t You,” perfectly represents what Celiane the Voice is all about.

Celiane is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer with a truly unique approach.
Her vocal range is particularly impressive. She is able to sing with passion and soulfulness while
showcasing amazing lyrical mastery and vocal control.
Her dynamics are absolutely flawless and she is truly able to carry a song from quiet, soft, and delicate, to loud, brassy, and bold. She takes listeners by the hand through an amazing
emotional rollercoaster.

Hailing from the Bay Area,
Celiane isn’t afraid to think differently and use her creativity in ways that truly set the bar higher and redefine people’s ideas of what’s possible with music. Her songs have a timeless quality that is inspiring and personable.Celiane knows how to connect with her audience and change the world, one song at a time. Taking her inspiration from other influential artists, such as Amy Winehouse, Origa, Tina Quo, Daft Punk and Pharrell, Celiane’s music transcends theirs and is very versatile and
Her music can’t be put in a box, as she breaks the
boundaries between electronica, hip-hop, R&B and many other styles.
Get hold of “Why Can't You” and see what Celiane the Voice is all about.

Check out the single on celianethevoice.com!


1. Do you have a musical background or anyone else in your family present or past that influenced you to start making music. 
Yes I do have a musical background. I started singing very young, making up my own songs at the age of 5. At that time they were nonsense songs. I used to lay on the floor at home and conduct classical music for hours paying attention to meter and rhythms. My mother's side of the family sang quite a bit, but no one professionally. I was told my mom could have
professionally until she had children. What influenced me is I noticed I had a knack for music more than I thought I did. Especially for opera. So I continued in that vain and studied voice for over 15 years.

2. How did you make a name for your self in music industry?
I am still trying to make a name for myself, but I am making it for myself and for my fans. I am for uplifting human consciousness and people knowing love is the highest good. I create this in my music. I try to make music that means something, music that you can feel. It will take a while to get know, but I will be known because my music has a job to do. I am known in my reviews as
something different in the
industry today, something honest. That is just the

3. What is the hardest challenge you had to overcome as an artist?
The hardest thing I am having to overcome is having a new genre. Since people are unfamiliar with the gathering of these sounds, electronica hip hopera, they assume is will be a mish mash of sounds that will fail. NO. I don't do anything that will fail
ultimately, just slow to move in the beginning. I am having to stay strong to not be in a box. Many say that is
dangerous. Many say to just do what sells. That is not good enough for me, I stay true to me first and
foremost, not a dollar. I make art. So to make that art, takes risks and patience but it will pay off.

4. Who is your inspiration? 
My inspiration are artists that play music that I can listen to over and over. Tina Guo, Black Veil Brides, Daft Punk, Peter
Gabriel, Eminem, Origa, Beethoven, Pharrell, 2Pac, Left Eye Lopez, Whitney Houston and my list goes on and on.....I have too many that influence me.

5. Are you working on any new project?
Yes, I am currently covering the song, "Inner Universe" from the anime Ghost in the Shell in it's original
languages. I am working on my mini album and I will be performing for Afro ComicCon in Emeryville, CA in October 2018.




Celiane the Voice


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