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My Rap name is
TrellHuncho and I got it from Quavo from the migos, every time he used to change his name, I change mines because he my favorite rapper, it was kinda a accident how I kept it though, in my mind I wasn’t thinking, o people gone start calling me Huncho because I wasn’t even rapping at the time, so I thought they was just gone continue to call me Trell like they been doing, but instead of Trell they called me Huncho, so when Quavo changes his to
QuavoHuncho I Changed Mines TrellHuncho since thats a part of my real name and a part of my favorite rapper nameIm from Maysville North Carolina a little Hood, its very chill
everybody know everybody, I’m not gone lie and say it’s a bad place like people be making it seems, everybody just doing they own thing there thats all.

But I Grew up there also, but we moved to New Bern, Jacksonville, HaveLock, South Carolina and back to Maysville, only reason they happened because of the military, but at a point all of that came to an end and every since we been back in my hometown, and that was maybe like in 08 09.
I’m not gone say I was the poorest thing, because I had a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my mouth, but I didn’t have it best like people thing I did, I want even close. It was kinda like every other black boy in the hood, at a period of time when u steady asking your parents for money, they gone get tired of giving it to u, they might not say it, but u been around your parents long enough to study them. So u know I had to do what I had to do to put money in my pockets, to be honest, I tried to get a 9-5 one time, I looked at it as if, I didn’t get it the first time, I’m done I’m not gone try to get another one. Only reason I did what I did because the studio, my mom and pops wasn’t together but yea my pops in my life and my mother in my life. But back to what I was saying, studio time was expensive, my pops started me off $50 a hour, after a minute like I said I studied him, so I started paying for it, u gotta see I’m 15 16, Doing what I like but I cant get the money like I want it to, so I did what I had to do.See this the funny part, it was 3 dudes in the 
military Chevy, BoBo and Ken Bit was one day where they asked if I want it to make a song, I was scared so I want like naw y’all got it but see they asked my brother Zaiah, and he was like yea he gone do it, so ok they did the song, them songs he did was his very first song, they was pretty good to, not saying that because he my brother.He was the first one to make a real song in the family so everybody was proud, but after a little minute he gave up on it, but see I used to hang with them 3 dudes damn near 24/7, and all they did was make music we can be anywhere in your living room, in the kitchen, in the car, anywhere, where ever and whenever they want it to make music, they was gone do it. So eventually I said let me give it a try, I will never forget that day, we did the song inside the barracks, I didn’t even supposed to be in there I was there, I did the most hollering and cussing in that song it was terrible, but every since that day I never looked back and I kept going. I been rapping for bout 7 8 years but I just started taking it serious around 2014 2015 if I’m not mistaken because I mean, I’m good at it so why not use my talent while I can I’m better then these old folks and young folks, and I didn’t wanna do nothing else dont like school so I had to do something.


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