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M-Dub The Magnificent

M-Dub The Magnificent

Michael Winchell, was born in Glens Falls, New York on the second day of March in the year 1987. He was raised in a small run down town in a household of five. As a kid, M-Dub loved to play sports such as basketball, football, hockey,baseball and soccer with his friends Robbie Colton, Justin Wilkison  and James Allan.M-Dub  listened to all types of music
growing up. Such as ACDC, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf.

That was what his parents
listened to back in the 1990's but he started to like that kind of music too. When M-Dub was 8  he could use the remote control so he would watch Mtv.M-Dub would listen to  Korn , Nirvana, Pearl jam, Sublime, Beasite Boys , Run Dmc, Vinilla Ice, Ice T,Coolio, Snoop Dogg,  NWA, Redman,
Tupac,Biggie,Lox etc....

M-Dub also watched shows like Singled out, Beavis & Butt head and he Loved watching cartoons on nickalodeon and cartoon network.Late 90's, early 200's M-Dub was into Slipknot and Limp bizkit. After he heard Eminem's My name is at 11 years old he was inspired to write rhymes, so he began to write.He couldn't really figure out what to write about at the time or what bars were.
A few years passed and the exitement for music was rising. At the age of 16, M-Dub became dedicated to his rapping and began to freestyle bypassing the pen and paper. Along with best friend,Brandon Cole, BC The Incredable, they formed a group named 2 Stoned &
Intoxicated. M-Dub and BC met each other in Hudson Falls , New York middle School when they were in 7th grade in a
program Called the mini team, it was made specifcally for bad kids. What M-Dub and BC didn't know was they really knew each other since two years of age.M-Dub and BC found that out later on as they hung out with each other every day.That is How M-Dub and BC came up with their rap name, also
inspired by 2 Live Crew.M-Dub and BC would practice freestyling and writing songs every day.

At 21, M-Dub recorded his first song with his friends BC, Mark Mazella,Young Tech, Matt Dearborn, Tha Myth and his Brother Chris Cheney, Young Famous.M-Dub's life became
difficult for a few years putting his dream aside.BC's Life was hectic so he also had to put his dream aside .M-Dub and BC would still freestyle and write together and alone to get experice threw the years.M-Dub would write to industry beats, He liked to use Drake and Lil Wayne Beats to write for remixes. M-Dub didn't have a mic or have a studio to go to at the time so he
recorded his voice with the beat Ransom in the
background for his voice mail.Everybody told M-Dub that he was pretty good and should persue rapping so he would practice everyday Still.
M-Dub had his first child, Trinity Winchell at 22 with
Sabrina Demars.M-Dub wasn't that focused on rap but would still work at it here and there.M-Dub got
incarserated in 2011 and would write songs how he felt when he was locked up.

When M-Dub got out he wrote a song about his old relationship as he was
getting into a new one.

M-Dub got the chance to meet back up with Young Tech and record his new song he wrote with his new girl friend there.As a year or so passes by, M-Dub has his second daughter, Lillyian Winchell with Melissa Ferry.Then at age 26 M-Dub awoke and said he can do this so Melissa bought him a studio mic and all the stuff to record with for his birthday.M-Dub has been collabing with artists and working on his craft ever since. He saw the vision at 11 years old and has never gave up.

2014 M-Dub Dropped a mixtape with his brother and Timothy Lynch called Spit & Blaze Dubs. M-Dub dropped a solo album called The Best in the game in the summer of 2016, produced by Krazy K-LOE, Michael C. Kimmel.BC had his act together and got dedicated that same year so they started with the group stuff again.June 2017 was M-Dub's and BC's first performance.

The promoter gave them the flyer and told them that they stole the show.M-Dub and BC were booking their own shows by their third show.2018, M-Dub and BC are opening up for big names, touring and throwing their own shows.M-Dub is aiming to be a Legend and won't be stopped.


1. What kept you going?
My Two daughters and my passion for music is what kept me going.

2. So much of hard work is required to achieve a 
certain position. What was your thinking when you were going through the phase of struggle and 
huddles? That made you this passionate person.
I was thinking that to get where I wanna be in life then I gotta have the same mindstate that the greats had and work really hard to get there.

3. Ss you have done quite alot collapsed in your past will you join hands with Pakistani Music Industry to have some collaborations? 
Yea why not? I'm always trying to get more exposure and expand my horizons.

4. What is your "me time"?
My me time is just chilling, drinking a raspberry twisted tea tall boy and smoking a fat blunt listening to some music.

5. Any incident that have completely changed your life? 
Yea the worse incident that I had that completely changed my life was when my second Baby's mother left me. I can't even explain how I felt, the pain in my heart made me like I didn't even wanna live no more. That's when I kept pushing though and really started grinding for my dream. I would say I turned a negative into a positive and the drive I got now is beacsuse of that pretty much.

6. What is music to you? 
Music to me is how one expresses how they are feeling their mood with vocals or an instrument.

7. Any song that describes you the best?
I think Devistated by Joey Badass would describe me best.

8. Message to your fans?
My message to my fans is Be yourself, stay true and never let anybody say you can't do something.Everybody has a purpose in life so live yours to the fullest and it will find you.Also when nobody
believes in you that's when you need to believe in yourself.

I would like to say thank you too, Love y'all!!! -M-Dub The Magnificent.

M-Dub The Magnificent


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