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currently a member of a group called 211HITSQUAD Delivers a fast pace southern rhyme scheme that concentrates on how life is lived while trappin. He is not from Jacksonville although he was raised here. He was actually born in Baltimore Maryland on June 1, 1988. He moved to the Westside of Jacksonville when he was five years old with his family. Currently he has two brothers and one sister. Erk is the youngest. Upon arriving to Jacksonville, they moved to a street named Westbrook. When he first arrived the area was named West Jacksonville. So they split it in two and called themselves “The Creek Boys”.

ErkedOut started rhyming around the age of 10 back when all they had was a table where one of his best friends Marcus would beat on the table in ErkedOut’s room creating drum beats where they made up songs on what ever they felt like.
However he didn’t really pick up paper and pen until his brother was incarcerated.
At this point Erk started to use his rhyming ability to allow his feelings to be set free and now…

Well now ErkedOut feels he is a force to be reckoned with. He sometimes finds himself in a frenzy of what he likes to call murder rap spitting hardcore in your face nasty low down wish you were dead darts. ErkedOut has had many musical influences but feels that Lil Wayne and TuPac Boosie Bad Azz are at the top of his list. At the bottom of his list are the Hater's. Although ErkedOut feels that Lil Wayne and TuPac Boosie badazz are his main influences, he still looks up to his two older brothers Mal and Troy .

Eric ErkedOut Sullivan



Eric ErkedOut Sullivan


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