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Sad Gang the New Pop Craze?

A lot has been going on in Hypokrit’s world since we last heard from him over a year ago.

The 25-year-old rapper/singer has started his own label called #SadGang & it's taking the nation by storm.
Hypokrit’s emo-style & sad vibes has caught the attention of the youth & young adults all over America, with other countries starting to gain interest as well.

We asked him what’s been new in his scene since he last spoke to us & his response was overwhelming!

Hypokrit was gaining popularity in the West Coast when we first spoke to him, but since then he has completely taken over the underground scene in America & has started to become a pop craze with his latest radio-single “NXMB” off of his upcoming album “STXRIES ABXUT NXTHING” that releases December 2018.

He will be launching his first official tour in the Northwest in July & plans to continue touring in North America while also working on an international tour out of the country.Outside of music, Hypokrit launched his clothing brand AmraK Apparel which appeals to gothic & emo culture, being as how so far black is the only color the clothing comes in.
But what stood out to us the most, was his fashion sense & how important of a role it played in his continuous rise to fame; imagine Marlyn Manson crossed with Prince, then make that person a rapper.

His style has made him an icon in the LGBT community, which is rare for any heterosexual man, & when asked if that was his intention, he simply replied, “I’m just being myself & don’t try to appeal to any demographic. I’ve always prided myself on being real & true to myself & I guess that the world recognizes that; real recognize(s) real, right?”

If that isn’t enough to gain your interest, Hypokrit is now supported by artists like Kirko Bangz & Yelawolf, who have expressed their interest in #SadGang online with photos of Hypokrit & even videos giving him a shoutout.

To top all of that off, he even secured a digital distribution deal which put all of his music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Napster & all other digital music platforms!

As controversial as his image may be, there is no denying that his rise to fame is very much a reality, & we at IMM are very excited to see what Hypokrit & #SadGang have planned in the near future.


1. First off, who is Hypokrit? Where are you from & how did you come up with that name?
I was born in Anaheim, California. Hypokrit is a representation of who I was as a lover; narcissistic, self-centered, unfaithful & promiscuous. I expected the women I was seeing to be faithful to me while I was out creeping around & doing all the things I expected my women to refrain from.
Essentially I was a hypocrite, so I owned it as a way to acknowledge who the person I was.

2. What is your sound?
I hate being asked this question because I have a such huge variety of styles, but if I had to put myself in a genre I would say Alternative-Pop or
Emo-Rap, although iTunes & Spotify have me listed as just Rap/Hip-Hop.

3. Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?
Truthfully I was a huge Tech N9ne fan a majority of my childhood, I had every album up until K.O.D. & he was also the first concert I ever
attended. I was also a big fan of artists like Nas, OutKast, Kanye West; even
controversial artists like Twiztid. Rock was even in my playlist like Linkin Park, Sublime & Nirvana, but out of all of the artists I’ve mentioned, my all time favorite will forever be Lil Peep. Rest In Peace, Gus.

4. What's the inspiration behind the #SadGang movement & how do you feel your style of music impacts the industry?
What inspired me to start #SadGang was a combination of things. I grew up as kind of an emo kid, so being emotional has always been a part of who I am, but I think what really inspired #SadGang was seeing the amount of children & teens who battle severe depression & other mental illnesses at such a young age. We live in a sad
society where everyone you see, grown or young, is battling something that they keep buried inside & I guess I just wanted the world to know that being sad is something we all relate to. If I could only make one impact it would be to reassure everyone that depression is something they don’t have to face alone.

5. What inspires you?
Literally everything. I know that sounds like a cliche but I literally take every experience I’ve personally gone through in my life. Love, heartbreak, greed, lust, even issues within my own family & my childhood.
Nothing is off limits for me.

6. What about yourself do you think stands out the most compared to other 
similar artists?
I know I have a lot of things that separates me from every other artist, but if I had to pick what stands out the most, it would be my willingness to disclose certain
experiences that others would be ashamed to admit & might consider risky to their character.
For example in my song “Can We Get Higher” I had no shame admitting that I gave a woman I was with the clap by cheating on her which she ended up passing to the man she cheated on me with.

7. How important is image?
It’s probably one of the most, if not the most important aspect of every artist’s career.
You always need to maintain a positive public image, even when using controversy or shock-value to promote yourself, because a good image can ensure a long-lasting career for even the most reckless artist; while a bad image can terminate the career of even the most charismatic & pure artist.

8. How do you get people to take you seriously as an artist?
Damn, that’s a good one. I get a lot of sideways looks from people & artists when they’re first introduced to my style, you know with my painted nails, the occasional emo makeup & my fashion sense.
I guess I’d say that as long as you’re true to yourself & not just putting on an act to appeal to a certain
demographic while also keeping the content in your music 100% real, the people will relate.
Real recognizes real, right?

9. What’s next
A lot. Literally so much that it’s kind of overwhelming!
I’m planning a tour with an
independent artist from Arizona who goes by the name of JRod the Problem.

We just got our merch set up so we can sell #SadGang gear. I’ve got a manager now, shoutout to Deon Laster, who is booking me in the East Coast.My first mixtape “#OddFell
owShitBitch” is currently on all digital music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay etc. & my debut album “STXRIES ABXUT NXTHING” (pronounced Stories About Nothing) is set to release this December.
So much coming next & that’s just the beginning.

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