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BC the Incredable, Brandon Cole was born in Syracuse New York.On the 21st Day of August in the year 1986. BC As a young child lived in
different areas and states then prodmonatly lived in the upstate region of New York.BC was a only child and grew up in a bad atmosphere and toxic enviornment.

Yet he still kept himself busy playing sports listening music and occaciosanaly got
into backyard wrestling.As a teen BC started listening to rap music it started with artists like 2 pac and Doctor dre loved rap music when he heard Eminem is when he really started persuing rap.

He became 17 and met a friend that could rap named Apollo, Matt Harrell, he was very talented.
Apollo was best in the freestyle department. He then starting freestyling and then formed the group 2Stoned & Intoxicated with his best friend M-Dub the Magnificent, Mike Winchell. So he began freestyling regularly at home and at the party scene also battle rapping and had proved to himself that he had a nutural talent cause the reaction not only from other people but other artists.

Countless sessions where artists would use written and preperpared rhymes and still mostly couldnt keep up and eventually turn into a
listener by the end of the night.

BC had his first child at the age of 21 and for the most part he quit persuing his rap career and began the family life. only to go through tough times a ton of harships and situations that eventually lead to
incarceration.BC eventually straightened his life out and focused on music and
persuing his talent. He had his first offical show with M-Dub as 2Stoned & Intoxicated in june of 2017.He had such a good performance that at the end of the night BC and M-Dub were handed the flyer and was told by the Promoter that they had the biggest crowd. BC then by his third performance had already had booked his first offical show. also
Headlined that show. BC has now headlined 5 shows and is
booking and hosting his 3rd show.BC has not looked back ever since.


1. Lets start this interview out 1. what was your family's first eaction..? Seeing you pursuing your dreams and doing so well..
Actually my family has always been supportive and they know how determined of a person I was so it was never if but when was I gonna make it.
And when they seen how quick I was getting a buzz they we're proud actually I've had my mother at some shows of mine big fan.

2. Being a father at 21 I'm sure you must be very passionate about your child so what do you think that would you allow your child to pursue his dreams or would like the legacy to go forward?
Of course I'm a very proud father to my daughters and my oldest actually I feel like is starting to persue music bye singing even trying to rap but the main reason I do all this is to make sure my kids succeed in life and always have something to be proud of legacy wise weather or not I get all the way to the top just knowing I made a name for myself and made my children proud that's all that'll matter.

3. How do you balance your career and your professional life?
Very hard actually espically with children but I always find time to make them and myself happy and I have a solid team and great fanbase that also helps me network and gets my name to places I can't but I'm a very organized person who takes something from everything I do espically knowledge meaning everything I do I try to learn from espically in this industry cause it's all about being relavant and staying there not fading away which takes a lot to maintain..

4. After going through struggles and hardships n now being a very talented artist you are achieving your goals ..what do you think of life as a hustler and now as an artist, what is life to you?
Actually every day I wake up I'm greatful for what I have a lot of people including my father I've had a child of mine pass so death is very familiar to me so I try to cling to everyday and make it better then the last one I remember having nothing literally street hustling basically anything worth something lol being addicted to drugs shit even doin time for a couple of years thats why I make every decision carefully and learn from my mistakes to where I never make em again what kept me going was my talent numerous people telling me you need to get in the booth cause the streets are just wasting your talent but at the same time I'm a very independent person with a god given talent to make something outta nothing so I guess it came natural to me.

5. What is your motivation that never keeps you down?
I would honestly say my fans and my team also just the person I'm surrounded bye I remember when I started doing shows I had a conversation with a Artist I was a huge fan of and respected highly he was a member of I think personally the best if not top 5 rap group in the 518 ATG and I was talking to Zae Biggz and I remember asking him do u think I'm good he said are u kidding me your gonna make it no dobt I know and I could tell just-bye his words he was confident in my ability that's what instilled a lotta inspiration and confidence and honestly I've never met a person that's actually heard me in person say I'm not good literally it's because I have such a great talent to freestyle maybe better then actually writing to where I'd be in cyphers or literally during and after shows and just getting better bye the verse always have something catchy that people always remember Everytime but i also have a great lyrical range because of it as well to where literally I can do whole shows freestyling and people not knowing the difference literally can grab the mic at any time and sound good.

6.Where can your fans in Asian contact you?
Well mostly and prolly the best way to get ahold of me would be Facebook as BC the Incredable or the 2 stoned and intoxicated fan page and we also have a Twitter as well and to hear my music you can go to the official New Hollywood sound cloud or the 2 stoned and intoxicated SoundCloud as well.

7. Any message to the new comers?
Best thing I can say to anyone persuing music is no matter where u are never think u can't make it always keep persuing your dream always push harder when people tell you to give up cause this game is full of quitters only the ones that try the hardest and put the most work in make it always have love to as angry of a buessness and cutthroat as it seems always be true and never do something that u don't feel is right inside causeat the end of the day it's you u have to deal with and when it's all said and done your life is measured bye if u made yourself happy always remember that.

Brandon Cole

2Stoned & Intoxicated

2Stoned & Intoxicated

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