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Real name Tashera Savage, IG name __tsavage born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland, presently residing in Hollywood California. T.Savage was groomed and cultivated by two self-proclaimed hustlers, her mother and father. Her parents lived and provided for their family, by any means necessary. Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, AZ, The Hot Boyz, Lil Kim and Eve provided the soundtrack of T.Savage’s youth, against a sobering tapestry of drugs, street life and survival, a virtual witches brew for a young girl growing up in the violent, drug-riddled streets of Baltimore. Fueled by sheer grit and passion, at an early age T.Savage would memorize lyrics from her favorite artists, giving them her own flavor and eventually developing her own inimitable style and flow, over popular beats. She knew early on that she wanted to perform. “Rapping was an escape,” says the young MC. From a tragic Halloween that ended in the murder of her father, right in front of her eyes, to literally watching her mother hustle to make ends meet (commanding her respect from anyone who crossed her), rap was a means to an end for T.Savage. “The only way I kept my sanity was to write,” she laments. “Truthfully, it was the only way I could be controlled. The only thing that deterred me from fighting, almost every day, was to put pen to paper and write. I let my pain out on that paper,” says the rapper. For T.Savage, what initially started out as a cathartic way to pass the time, turned into the story of her life, told through prose and lyrics atop guttural beats, to make masterful music.

The first song T.Savage penned was fittingly called “Dad,” an ode to her father - her best friend and protector, recalling their lives mercilessly interrupted by a bullet. With her first song recorded, having poured every ounce of pain she was feeling into it, T.Savage knew she had to be about the business of making music her business. Driven by inherited hustle, T.Savage’s mantra is “Nothing is out of reach,” and this Baltimore City brute turned female MC’s got NEXT! Hater is what I went through and continued to go through that’s why I left Baltimore.

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