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Rock, Romance, & Fire: New Video Out Now!

The Stoneface is a tightly knit Belarusian alt-rock band whose music combines personal experiences and life stories. These guys are so close, in fact, that they even live together! The four friends – Eugene, Alexander, Gleb, and Alex – rent a house in Minsk and have turned it into both a home and a rehearsal studio.

Chosen by Younk Experts, “That Summer” became one of the most dramatic, yet romantic rock ballads on the platform. To match the unique energy of the track, we had to create a video that was just as fierce as the song. Shot in Kiev during late 2018, it features a contrast suggested by director Andrey Boyar:

“I wanted to mix up those sweet memories of the lyrics with everything falling apart in the picture. I think we’ve created a great, powerful new meaning to ‘That Summer.’”

The Stoneface replies:

“We wrote this song in a place that has the same interior, like furniture and carpet. The building was even once hit by a fire, so the overall atmosphere was kind of the same as the video location! And what’s more interesting is that we didn’t tell this to our director before the set he just somehow felt it. When we started to shoot, it totally ‘matched’ with the song.”

While weather outside the studio was cold furniture, old newspapers, a TV, and everything inside was set on fire for the intense video. A fire extinguisher somehow failed to put out the flames on an armchair after filming ended, so the production team even became firefighters! They managed to cover it with a wet blanket, finally causing the fire to subside.

This release represents exactly what we do. Younk opens up the music industry with transparency for both artists and listeners. With up to 450+ potential hits already on the platform, our track selection is growing every day! The Stoneface “That Summer” video is the first release in 2019 but plenty more videos are on the way! Next up: AndyVa from The Netherlands.

Stay tuned and check out the premiere!

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