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Phil Loft

Phil Loft is a Long Island native born March 11th, 1989. A graduate of Five Towns
College with a business degree in music.
Phil Loft was able to place his mind in an atmosphere of grace and creative
uniqueness that comes through all his works.
Phil Loft’s mission to captivate an audience by provoking a high level of social
consciousness toward positive outcomes we may experience after self-exploration, comes clearly through his insightful lyrics and melodic sounds. His
debut single "Think B4 Sound" was released on September 28th, 2015. In January 2016, Phil Loft engaged his fans with a heartfelt plea for his listeners to be Brave and stand against fear and bullying. Brave has become a popular song Mr. Loft performs at charity events. The song
“Brave” speaks to personal fear(s) that must be conquered. Brave was the title song in an independent film “Vindictive” directed and produced by Yaw Ohenenana Agyapong. The director also included the song “Stronger”, a track
from Phil Lofts’ Electronic dance Music EP “In Da Mix” released Summer of 2017.
Phil Loft continued writing and producing which inspired the release of his
featured single “Adore” for his 2nd EP 6th Dimensions in 2017 along with his first
music video that can be found on his website www.philloft.com and YouTube. Phil
Loft is currently working on his 3rd EP, featuring another thought provoking single
titled “Believe” (2019).
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