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Jc The Don from Mobile, AL, 26 years old with 2 kids. HE grew up in a broken
home where his mother struggled to maintain the bills, due to being on
disability. JC remembers lights would get cut off every few months. He
stopped living with my mother when I was 13, because she had a tendency to
become involved with the wrong men and put them before her kids. So he left
and moved to Huntsville with his father to better his situation, but that was
no better. The household consisted of my father, stepmother, brother but
they were rarely around. JC and his brother had to fend for ourselves, They
made do with what we had such as, make shift bread from flour and water and
noodles. “My parents didn't care whether we attended school or not, but we
did because we always wanted better for ourselves. I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods called Meadow Hills. We used to be in the streets getting into everything; from stealing bikes, breaking into cars and robbing the pizza man for food just to have something to eat” JC’s life turned aroundwhen he attended Huntsville High, a predominantly white school, which isn'texpected of a kid from meadow hills. it allowed him to fall in love withsports and music. JC turned to music and started rapping Dec 2017 and hasbeen killing it every since. JC has been connected with Jhonni Blaze, whereshe assisted me with publicity thru her Instagram page as well as a cut sceneon Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta while he attended her release party for her EP5:12. JC The Don has been featured on Xm Radio and other local radio
stations. “People I would like to work with who inspire me is Derez Deshon, Yo Gotti and Kevin Gates. I have an album I'm currently working on "Pleasure
and Pain" outlining the things I have experienced in the two years I have
been in the streets and overcoming them from further betrayal. I released my
two single "Trenches" and "Fake Love" which can be found on all major
streaming platforms, as well as the album. I plan to used the money from my
music to give back to the community and turn it around. Starting with our
youth, I am currently a coach of the "Saints" little league football team,
10 and under. First year coaching ending 7-1 becoming city champs Saints

Video to Fake Love: 

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