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1. One quote that u think suits your life?
know that I was made unique, I am unique. I'm the type that does whatever it takes to make goals and dreams come true. If I can't obtain it from someone else I'll make it myself.

2 .Whats your trick to remain focused? 
We tend to stop living for ourselves at times I call that "losing focus". I try and reflect daily on my goals and overall agendas to see if I've lost track. I ask my self if I stopped or slowed my dreams in order to look cool or be liked by someone else or simply give in to self impatience or self greed. I can be my worst enemy at times but once I learned that I've been more like my best friend than anything else. Staying focused is me looking out for my best interests at its truest state.

3. How long have you been singing?
I've been singing since I was 6 Y.O. I was afraid to come out of my shell though. When I was 19 I realized my voice was its own.

4. Tell us about your new label are you enjoying the fit? 
Above All Music Group, "Double A Gang" is equivalent to a breath of fresh air in my home town. Reno NV USA . I'm also a business man in the local private sector. That being said, there is talking and there's walking. Everybody wants to do music these days but they're afraid to make a real label and stand behind it with pride. They don't truly invest in themselves and CREATE worth... there's a million + people that I'm sure are unheard celebrities (YouTube) but there's a big business aspect that must be met and Above All seems to be the only label that gets that n I couldn't be more happy.

5. Business as usual from what we have  heard so far its going to be an amazing project what were some of your influences to create songs like those?
Dizzy The Kid and I came together on some random fate. We hit it off from the beginning . We knew that we were on a higher par than the average underground artist and we let the vibe play out through each song. We were both able to put ourselves in each hit. I'm hoping that those that listen to the released tape can feel The same energy that we felt after hours of writing and recording late into the night at the studio. I'm confident that there won't be disappointment.

booking email : AboveAllEmpire@Gmail.com

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