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1. Introduce yourself, who is RAGA?
I am a rapper, lyricist, producer and singer previously known by the name Ewill Myth in his early underground career. Goes by the real name Ravi Mishra. Born and raised in the capital New Delhi. Oftenly seen repping his hood JAMNAPAAR which he elaborated in his introductory verse also known as JAMNAPAAR. Slowly building his reputation in underground and mainstream market!

2. How did you entered in this music industry, did you faced any problems?
I didn't really aimed to be a rapper by profession but as I only loved writing poetry in rhythm it became my everyday life and soon profession. I kept dropping independent music through my youtube channel ever since I started and gained respect in the scene before being so famous. Aamir kunwar heard my first Hindi single "Raahat" Produced by YAWAR and tried to contact me. He was then coming up with a great idea or I must say a hope for Desi Hip hop which is now known as Artisttaan. It has always been my luck that I've been given this kind of independent platform. I don't even know if I deserve this much reach but If Aamir Bhai is confident on my content and art then there is no other way I'm ever gonna stop making hits.

3. Is it difficult to be a rapper in India?
No, it's not really difficult pursue this artform but to earn from it. You have to make a value of your face, your sounds and your art to earn from it. You can independently do everything today through media marketing. Just don't lose hope and make yourself better each day.

4. Tell us about your upcoming project.
My upcoming single is all commercial if I say the truth, but being confident it won't even disappoint my lyrically dedicated and devoted listeners. I'm trying to set an example that yes one can be lyrical while displaying commercial product.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?
Being an Independent artist all I ever wished for was ears to listen to what I am trying to say. I loved to see their expressions changing as each bar went by. Now it's all on a major level. "Naayak" hits 600k Downloads this month and it's not even a year yet since it was released. Getting shout outs and help from the mainstream artists such as RAFTAAR, IKKA, LIL GOLU, PARICHAY, AKAY and a few more is the biggest achievement for me till date.

6. Any advice to the people who have a great urge to step in this industry?

Every artist has to come with a new sound and style of music which can give him a little bit of spotlight. As its a ladder to success so the links connect. You just never have to quit because the struggle pays off.
7. How labels and your fans can reach you?

I am soulfully singned to Artisttaan and even on papers. There is no way I am going to signed under any other label or person but yes it's a yes if they will be here to work per project. For collaboration I am always ready and artists can email their product on Artisttaan. The review team is there to Handle all this. Fans can also email if they wish to get a reply not a conversation. My details are there on my official facebook profile.

8. Tell us something about Artisttaan and Team members of Artisttaan.
Artisttaan is the label that I am signed under but for me it's my family. Amie, Hina Fatima, Yawar, Kaadar etc. We all work and enjoy each other's zone. We have so many collaborations planned and we are lucky to have a visionary leader 'Aamir Kunwar".

9. Who's favorite rapper in desi scene?
I don't understand the concept behind being the best if every artist has different zone and two different zones can't be compared.

10. Any message to your fans?
Keep supporting and loving my art. It was all just introductory till yet because the saga starts from "Mili Raahat". RAGA is a legacy and our next generation has alot to see in history. Let them talk and let us show what being legendary is.

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