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1. When did you think to choose music as a career?
I’ve always been passionate about music as far back as I can remember, I knew since a young kid that I wanted to pursue music as career. Music to me is not just a hobby it’s my life and I love every minute of it. I’m very blessed to have made a career out of it and I hope I can continue doing so with all your love &

2. Have you got any set standard goals in this industry?
I try not to think too much about what I need to do, I just follow my instincts & try to be consistent. Making music is a blessing and I am truly grateful & proud of what I have achieved so far, music has no final destination, it travels around the world and that’s the beauty of it. The main goal is for my music to be heard and appreciated by the people and I believe I have accomplished that. Every one has a different purpose & objective, I just want to carry on enjoying it for as long as possible.

3. Any fun thing you experienced while being in this
industry?If I look back at my career so far which has been over 10 years or so, there are many memories and fun moments that will stay with me forever and Insha Allah there will continue to be more ahead. Filming music videos for “Ayaan” & “Jannat” in Pakistan are some of my memorable fun experiences that I will cherish forever.

4. Can music play a vital role for the betterment of the world?
I truly believe so. Music is a universal language, it brings people together and helps us express and experience emotions. The beautiful thing about music is that it entertains but it also can fuel hope & happiness.

5. Best friend in the music industry?
Raxstar. His more than just a friend, he’s my brother & I love him.

6. Tell us about your upcoming album.
It’s my debut album titled “Epic Dreams” and I am super excited about it, I’ve worked ever so hard to put it together, it took me over 3 years to complete it, I wanted to make sure I perfected it in every way possible. I am really satisfied with the end product &
feel extremely proud making this independently. This album is my dream, its been an unforgettable journey, I hope and pray that all the hard work, late nights in the studio pays off, Insha Allah. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

7. Any message to your fans or to the world?
I would like to say I am humbled & overwhelmed by all the love & support you have given me over the years, If it weren’t for you I
wouldn’t have been able to continue this journey of mine, it’s very much appreciated and I want to thank you all from the bottom of
my heart.

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