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1. How did u enter into the entertainment industry and  can you tell us about your next upcoming project?
I have been doing things on my own for about eight years, Then I got a message from Above All Music Group and I made the smart decision to join them and I have been putting all my time and effort into everything for the label. I'm in the process of finishing a mixtape by the name of Business As Usual Vol. 1 with a really good friend of mine Larry Dotson AKA Smoove-L. We're hoping to catch everybody's attention with my raw form of Hip Hop and his amazing Hooks together in one solid mixtape.

2. how long have you known you wanted to be a hip hop star and at what age did u finally decide to step into the industry?
I've been wanting to do Hip Hop since i was the age of 8 years old. I remember I made an old school cassette tape for my parents around the age of nine years old and they were in complete shock. They said i was a prodigy for being able to record a beat on a broken piano and somehow manage to figure out how to record it on a tape with my boombox at nine years old haha.

3. Tell us about your mentor?
One of my biggest mentors of course had always been eminem since i was a youngin. I remember my sister used to get mad at me saying he was filthy and a bad person, but i saw the realness in everything he said and understood how his lyrical content was absolutely amazing. He could make words rhyme together that most people wouldn't even think rhymed at all. I always looked up to him and i still do, as do a lot of other people out there.

4. If you could work with any major artist who would it be and why?
it would be eminem. It has been my dream forever because i can relate to a lot of the things he's been through and my life has damn near been exactly the same. I feel that we would connect on the style that both of us have.

5. If you could send a message out to your future self and one to your present fans what would they be?
I would tell my future self that i'm proud that we stuck to everything we did and that all the struggles and hard work that we have put into this music has finally paid off. To my present fans I would say, no matter how big your dream is you can never give up on what you love. Even if it takes you 30 years to accomplish your dream so be it. There is no dream that is too big and nothing is impossible.

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