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Pakistani Band based in Riyadh, by the name of “Black”. It has a unique concept behind this name, slogan of the band depicts itself the enthusiasm of Salman & Yasir (Band) which is “When there will be no moon, when there will be no sun, the only thing remaining will be BLACK”. So in short when there’s nothing there is BLACK. The band played almost all type of music styles which is liked by eastern & western people. The band has got good stage chemistry as well. In 2005, Black band is established by Salman Roomi in Jeddah and in 2007 he migrated to Riyadh city. After migration he was not comfortable to pursue rock music due to non-existence of music market and concerts in the country. Then he met Yasir Wahid and due to his presence in music market and passion in music their brain forces came together and made them re-establish the band. After re-creating the band they started getting famous in Riyadh by their thrilling performances with the support of Adnan Khan
(rhythm and bassist), their duo went the best in all live performances. The significance
of the band was not only the various genres delivered to the targeted audience but carried away the band in tough circumstances as the music scenario  is banned in the country, besides Yasir & Salman gave a life to many musicians and bands which helped to introduce many bands in the country. At present they are trying their best to keep ROCK music alive in Desi Industry as people are diverting their interest into other genres due to less existence of ROCK bands. This is the reason they decided to make a rock music video as a band, They recorded their track "Chak Ke Rakh" in Gawky Records to penetrate the art of metallic rock music in Desi Industry, and went to Karachi, Pakistan to get its video done by a well known video director. They completed the project and released it online and it went viral. It got aired on well known Pakistani music channels like ARY Musik, 8xm, Play TV, IM Music and Atv etc. Since band sings motivational songs, objective of the band is to motivate youth and let them recognize their existence for humanity. Still efforts are being propelled to grasp the right platforms to shout out objectives due to lack of platforms.
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