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Syed Mohad Ali (TRAITOR), Born on 14 August 1997, living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Lahore, Pakistan. At the age of 5 he started taking interest in Hip Hop, he started listening artists like 2pac, Eminem, Massari, Snoop Dogg and Mike Shinoda. Then in the age of 9 he heard Bohemia (Pioneer of Desi Hip Hop) and then his interest changed into Desi Hip Hop, He started writing lyrics himself in the age of 12 then slowly slowly he started recording his Demo tracks in his home studio and moving on he started Gawky Records with his old rapper friend (M.ZHE) and now the record label is being the most leading record label in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He gave most loved verses in RCC1, RCC2 and RCC3 and gave tracks like Khatayen, Tumse, Dehli To Riyadh, Yaad Hai Mujhe, Nikki Nikki, Chamber, Maqsad, Jaane Jaana and Tasawwar etc. He have been appreciated by big names like Uzair Khan Chughtai, Umair Jaswal and Falak Shabbir etc.

Yousaf Amin Malik (THE RAY) born in Riyadh on 22 August 1995 and actually from Gujranwala, Pakistan. RAY started listening Hip Hop when he was too young, his first inspiration was of course BOHEMIA. And then he saw many boys doing rap in the desi rap scene. So he decided to start rap on his own, but didn't had any equipment, first he recorded his track "Tere Waste" on a chatting microphone and mixed the vocals on the beat (Taken from YouTube) on Audacity. When he released his track his friends laughed at him and started demotivating him but one or two friends motivated him to do more and give more time to Rap Music. Then THE RAY met M.ZHE and TRAITOR and they decided to re-launch RAY again, and then RAY did his first official debut with a Cypher (Riyadh City Cypher 1) and from cyphers to Live sessions he started giving hits like Nazuk, Majburiyan, Koi Kehnda, Tumse, Maqsad, Rabba, Taur, 7uck Mainstream, Pehli Vaar, Akhri Vaar etc. Featured by many artists from India like K Ji, San Cha, R-Hit etc. And started being featured on home pages of big music websites like DesiHipHop.com, Bollyfeeds.com, Thehiphop.org and Pakhiphop.com etc. Now he is being appreciated by big names like Gitta Bains and Imran Khan.

Raamis Ali aka RAAMIS, born on 2nd January in Lahore, Pakistan moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at a very tender age. He got interested in rap music at a very early age when he heard 50 Cent's "Candy Shop". After that he discovered many artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne etc. Later on he randomly heard "Ek Tera Pyar" by Bohemia and got addicted to Punjabi and Urdu rap. He started writing lyrics and recording music with the help of D-Naar who's also the first rapper from Saudi Arabia to collab with Bohemia. After getting some recognition with a couple of collaborations with a well known Pakistani band Atomic Chain, RAAMIS started recording rap songs by mimicking Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain etc which got viral over the internet. After getting along with Gawky Records (First ever Desi Rap Label in Saudi Arabia) he gave many live performances with his crew. In 2015 his career took a turn when he performed in They-See Battle League (First ever rap battle in the Sub-Continent) which was supported by artists such as Umair Jaswal, Lazarus, Ali Butt, TazZz and Sana Zulfiqar etc. His battle has almost 200,000 views on YouTube which makes it the highest viewed battle of the event. Being a media student and a business owner he aims to spare as much time as possible for his rap activities and entertain his fans and supporters mainly as a Battle Rapper.


Mohammad Mehmood Jan aka THUGZY. Born 1995, Lives in Riyadh, basically From Afghanistan. At the Age of 7 he started taking interest in hip hop, he started listening to artists like 2pac, Bone Thugs And Harmony, Ice cube and Eminem. At the age of 15 he started free styling with some street emcees and gained experienced and skills of rapping and improved his abilities of rapping by learning from the streets. THUGZY randomly met M.ZHE while free styling with some Saudi Rappers and THUGZY joined him and that's how they both came to know each other, M.ZHE liked his different styles of flow and wanted him to jump on the Riyadh City Cypher 1 to give the session an Arabic flavor and wanted his talent to be introduced to a wider audience. He had the best verse on the cypher so people started looking forward to more of his music and he gave many tracks of different flavors which made his position positive in the eye of audience.

ZENIX BIOGRAPHY : Zain Ali (ZENIX) born on 15 October 1997 in Riyadh, KSA basically from Sialkot, Pakistan. At the age of 10 he heard Bohemia for the first time then he started taking interest in Desi Hip Hop, He started writing lyrics in the age of 13 and after gaining experience in writing he started to take more interest in producing music and hip hop beats. After producing few beats he came to know that he is more creative in producing than writing or rapping so he started focusing more in Music Production and learned most of the things on his own without taking help from anyone. He made his official debut through Gawky Records "Straight Outta Riyadh" Series and started getting appreciated on his production more than his rapping, Gawky Records signed him as their Official Music Producer later on and he is now producing hits like Two Zero One Seven, RABBA, Majburiyan and RCC3 etc.


AQEEL SARFRAZ BIOGRAPHY : Aqeel Sarfraz, Born on November 24, 1994. He’s been working on rap music since last 7 years. Participated in many school level contests as a freestyle rapper. The reason of his inspiration was Bohemia whose early albums made him work on his own tracks. Released his first track in October 2013 which was recorded by himself, the response was quiet positive and motivational. He decided to invest further by improving his weak areas. At the end of 2015 he participated in a rap battle against Sunny Khan Durrani of Peshawar which turned out pretty well and he won the battle. As time passes by he gets involved in multiple projects initiated by himself. He has released many freestyle raps such as “Qandeel Baloch exposed” “Qurbanian” “Tawaif” etc & many on the way. He met TRAITOR through RAAMIS and they started working on few tracks together and started having positive vibes with each other, TRAITOR introduced AQEEL to M.ZHE and they decided to make AQEEL SARFRAZ part of the Gawky Records family. They recently dropped AQEEL's latest music video "Pardhaan Ko Chod Do" and people are loving the new entry in Gawky Records. Now people are expecting more and more from AQEEL SARFRAZ.
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