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1. What is the meaning of your name?
It's Monalisa, Yes just like the famous painting. I always have people ask me for ID to prove that's really my name lol and then they see like oh snap "u famous"

2. What artists are you most influenced by growing up and currently? 
Well Beyoncé, her ambition and hard work and because she has the attitude of a winner, and also brandy her vocals have shown me year after year that a person can be a soft singer and still build which is something I always admired, she is also well rounded she is always making music with others and also performing is her talent.

3. What inspired you to make music? 
Well, honestly it was me listening to brandy over and over at a young age not knowing wether she wrote her music or not I thought it was amazing.

4. What artist(s)would you aspire to work with in the future? 
Beyoncé, brandy, Melanie Fiona, Chris brown is my fave male singer.

5. Where can people find your merchandise?
Well my music is all over every social media platform that's frequently used. iTunes and Spotify I'm everywhere music is sold you can get my latest music. Just look me up under Mona Singing or Monalisa.

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