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Interview With Chen-K

1. Where are you from and introduce yourself?
My birth name is Nadir Chen Siddiqui a.k.a. CHEN-K and I am from Pakistan born in Montreal, Canada living in Karachi right now but you cannot say that I am basically from one city, most of the times people are confused and they ask me "Hey bro are you from Karachi? Lahore? Islamabad?" but to be really honest I lived in all of the cities of Pakistan but I spent most of my childhood (14 till now) in Karachi, Lahore and Multan. The reason of moving from Canada to Pakistan is my Parents divorce, my Father is Pakistani and my biological Mother is Chinese. Later my dad married again and I was VERY lucky to have a great Mother when I was only 2.5 years old who always treated me like her own boy, funny thing is I came to know about my real mom when I was like 18 something so yea.. there's a lot to tell but I want to stop now lol.

2. Any difficulties you faced when you were new in this industry?
This is a good question, I want to be really honest here : "PEOPLE IN THIS INDUSTRY ARE STUPID AS FUCK" Yes I won't say everyone but most of them yesss they are stupid and annoying. In the beginning people didn't pay me for my work, they used my talent, I was a new kid in town so obviously I didn't know the rules. I was disappointed many time that I cannot even count but that made me what I am now and I am really proud of it. Till now I am facing problems with people in this industry because I am a person who makes his own rules and this industry as well as society wants a person to follow their rules which I won't. By the help of Allah and my hard work I will reach wherever I want to. 

3. Do you wanna collab with any other Artists outside the country?
Yes, not only outside the country but also from Pakistan too but only and only if they are "REAL ARTISTS" and by real artists I mean people who express their REAL feelings. For now I am enjoying being all solo.

4. You only wana stick to the hiphop in this entertainment field or you think you have other skills that you wana show?
HipHop is not a part of entertainment field, for me HipHop is another dimension, its a place where you don't care about anyone and say whatever you want while entertainment field is where you actually want to entertain people out there so I want to stick to "ART" and for me HipHop is art. 

5. When is your next project is releasing?
Soon bro, next project is big, working on a mini album of like 3 or 5 tracks so I don't want to waste it, I am an independent artist so its kind of difficult to save up some cash for promotion and all. Some artists think promoting is waste of money but its not their fault its their artistic thinking but in my case I kind of do everything by my own. All of my Music Videos are directed, edited, color graded & scripted by me, I make my own music, I write my own lyrics, I design all my covers etc. so I also want to be my own Music Label where I think of myself as a company who is promoting CHEN-K. 

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