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Interview with Waqar Raaj

1. how do you came in this industry did you faced any problems?
It was always my dream to start my music career so i did JAGO PAKISTAN The First National urdu Rap song ever in PAKISTAN MUSIC HISTORY And ofcourse i face alot of problems but meanwhile God made my success.

2. why did you choose rapping,cause here in Pakistan rapping does not have that much fame as any other genre of music?
Because i once heard jack of all is master of none...so i choose at which im the best. Rap to me is yhe best way to deliver my message to my people.

3. is it difficult to be a rapper in Pakistan?
Ofcourse because lack of basic hiphop knowledge in Pak makes it alot difficult but now situation is getting better.the new young generation welcoming my Rap Music warmly.

4. any fun thing you experienced while being in this industry?
The fun thing???? Hmmmm ofcourse! The most funny thing is every singer is now trying to do rap in his songs himself...hahaha Rap is something else man.

5. any message to your fans or to the world?
My message to fans n world is Find Yourself ! Then Be Yourself ! Dont try to copy , cheat or defeat Because in the end its only effort that matters not the winning. Love Peace Faith.


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