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Best In The Hood “BOONKEY”

1. Where are you from? and introduce your self.
I'm from Dallas Texas, I go by  "BOONKEY" A name gave to me as a kid, I have been making music all my life, Born and raised in Dallas came up in the Pleasant Grove Area started a rap group back in 1993 (U.G.P) Underground Playaz. Me and a couple of childhood friends and we are all still friends and still recording together after 20 plus years.

2. Any new upcoming project?
I just recently put out two cd's "Rappin Saved My Life" (you can find it online @ ITunes, Amazon,) And "GAMEFACE" (you can find this on datpiff.com/boonkey) and my next release will be early 2017 I have a solo project (BOONKEY "DOING ME") And a Duo Collaboration  Mix tape with Eddie Macc (Still U.G,P) so be looking for those.

3. What keeps you motivated & whose your biggest inspiration?
I say my kids my Family my friends the haters too
I would Say my Mother She is a real go getter a real strong lady who has a real big heart and that's where I get it from.

4. Are you signed by any label?
No Not signed, But I do have my own Entertainment Company that I started after the Passing of my brother to carry on his name (TOONKEY BOY ENTERTAINMENT)

5. Would you like to collaborate with artist across the world?
yes I'm willing to work with everybody and anybody this is what I love to do.


EMAIL : boonkey2900@yahoo.com

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