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Interview With Smooth OE

1. Introduce your self, Who is smooth OE?
I'm a 26 yr old Full time father An Artist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Hip Hop Bound individual that's trying to do be things besides just music, an I mean across the board.

2. How did you entered in this intertainment industry?
I didn't yet... I'm still climbing the ladder to make my name for myself. I'm a entrepreneur Chasin a bag every day not for myself but for my kids.

3.Tell us about your upcoming project.
My up coming project is Called Day Dreamin. It's A 6/6 to express myself of how I see things thinking. Dropping before New Years.

4. Any difficulties you faced when you were new in this industry?
It's always a struggle an I didn't make it far. But as long as I stay motivated hungry dedicated I'll stride. Look at me grow this from the muscle.

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