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Kweisi , Unsigned Artist from Chicago is a Contender for the GRAMMY AWARDS in Six Categories


Kweisi , Unsigned Artist from Chicago is a Contender for the GRAMMY AWARDS in Six Categories

The past few years have been somber times in the world. Tragically, the World Health Organization reports that nearly 800,000 people from around the world take their lives via suicide every year. September is National Suicide Prevent Awareness Month. The CDC recently reported that nearly 50,0000 Americans took their lives via suicide in 2022. Amongst young Black males and older Black men, suicide stands as the second and third leading cause of death. This underscores the urgent need for compassion and concern for our loved ones, friends, co-workers, and our neighbors.

Let me introduce you to kweisi (pronounced kway-c), a poet from the renowned south-side of Chicago. A graduate of the class of 1992 from the HBCU, Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. kweisi is also a proud member of the illustrious fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi, Delta Zeta chapter. He further honed his poetic skills during a year of studying abroad in a Literary Master’s Program in Oxford, England.
However, the rudiment of kweisi’s literary journey was marked by tragedy, his younger brother, James Lemar Ford aka Lemont was brutally murdered on Saturday, January 11, 1992. This tumultuous pain turned into seeking external pleasures to escape the pain. When these pleasures did not numb the pain and hurt. kweisi thought of taking his life several times via suicide.

Through the grace of GOD, writing poetry gave kweisi his purpose to live. Writing the poem, one shot away, saved his life, it gave kweisi aplomb about who he is in becoming a writer, better man and a poet. Writing inspired kweisi not to manifest the dark thoughts of suicide in reality. one shot away is up For Consideration for BEST SONG FOR SOCIAL CHANGE for the 66TH Grammy Awards. kweisi’s spoken word poetry album; the truth. the way. the life. with music producer Spike Rebel featuring TeamJohnHill is up for consideration for the 66TH Grammy Awards in five other categories. Poetry empowered kweisi to write, meet and forgive his younger brother, Lemont’s killers.

the truth. the way. the life. kweisi & spike rebel featuring teamjohnhill is up for 66TH Grammy Awards Consideration in six categories. World go stream the truth. the way. the life. at 12AM Friday, September 29th on all music digital platforms. Listen to one shot away now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NnOA89E9xI.

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