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Ife Senoj - I H.A.T.E. U (Ft. Mister Aubs., Steve Legacy)

Ife Senoj Releases New Single "I H.A.T.E. U" Featuring Mister Aubs. & Steve Legacy

Ife Senoj releases his new single also produced by him under Wes Muzik calledI H.A.T.E Ufeaturing artists Mister Aubs and Steve Legacy. Their unique deliveries, voices, and sound mesh great together on this release. Describing this singleI H.A.T.E. U”, Ife Senoj saysHave you wondered how men feel during times of conflict in their relationship

A lot of times men’s feelings get ignored, but we hurt also.” You can hear the pain maybe current or from the past as they continue throughout the song. The soulful sound of the chorus to the angered, rage filled delivery to the rap consciousness of the artists showcase a diverse range and also the music intelligence of Ife Senoj as a producer and writer as well.

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