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VYSHON (@VyshonMusic) – “RABBIT” (Video)

Born and raised in Panama City, Florida Katryna “VYSHON” has been literally singing her whole life. Even as a young girl, she would sing her favorite songs to family and friends and dream of hitting the biggest stages one day.

Vyshon's solo career starts out by collaborating with several local artists, singing hooks, and writing songs of her own. Once she began to record her own material, she never looked back. In 2007, she releases her first project, a mixtape titled “From The Block To The Bedroom.”  The mixtape gave the streets a women’s point of view about being a hustler and a lover.

She eventually became the lead singer for the local cover band, Konkrete Soul a few years later. As the band's lead singer, she performed all over the city and parts of the North Florida region. Being a part of Konkrete Soul re-invigorated her passion for music and the stage. After years of singing with the band, she is ready to re-introduce herself as a solo artist and release her long-awaited album.

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