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Rhyme Assassin Delivers Global Situation With "Rhyme Apostles" Ft. Hip Hop Legacies


Acclaimed London-based artist/producer Rhyme Assassin announces the release of his new single "Rhyme Apostles" which has been coined a global situation. The twelve-minute record comes just in time for Hip Hop's 50 as it features a handful of royalty, beginning with an intro by Jadakiss and verses to follow from Keith Murray, K Solo, Crooked I, Prodigal Sunn, Canibus, Chino XL, Ruste Juxx, Craig G, AFRO, Antlive, and Reks. This timeless jewel is strictly for Hip Hop heads, so press play and prepare for a debate on who laid down the toughest verse. 

Watch ThisIs50 Exclusive Interview With Rhyme Assassin- https://thisis50.com/2023/05/17/hottest-in-the-streets-ryhme-assassin/

Connect with Rhyme Assassin
Instagram: @rhymeassassin
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Twitter: @rhymeassasin

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