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Cheedoe’s Legacy

 Cheedoe’s Legacy Is Live on All Platforms

Photo credit: “More Than Rap Ent.” 

“Cheedoe’s Legacy” hosted by Dj Legacy /Produced by Milwaukee “Hit-Maker” Richy Slimms.

Cheedoe’s legacy is a mixtape featuring 5 tracks that inspired the artist to bring a gritty, yet articulate and unique way of displaying his craft. Cheedoe is a Rising Artist from the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Putting in major work, the last few years. Has gone to show his Consistency and capacity as an artist.

Cheedoe’s Leagacy is a mixtape hosted by “The youngest in Charge” @Djlegacy and is streaming on my mixtapes, live mixtapes, and spinrilla. With tracks like, “Long Road,” “Blew Sh*t,” & “Lance Armstrong.” Cheedoe’s is cementing his name in the art of hip-hop and the culture alike.


“My mixtapes hosts Cheedoe’s Legacy along with @Djlegacy.”

Mixtape of Cheedoes Legacy by Cheedoes

Dj Legacy


Known for consistency amongst his peers, Cheedoe says he “aspires to motivate others.”

“Cheedoe is using social media as a way to connect with his fans…”


“Cheedoe is on all social platforms…”

Where Else Can Fans Find music by Cheedoe?

Cheedoe on Apple Music

In the artist's words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. I remember doing my first show in front…


Cheedoe #Mr.Oyeah 

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“Said Oyeah And I’m IN da GaME”

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